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  1. Be sure to use styling tools specially made for lace wig such as a wig styling comb, wig brush or wig pic comb. CAUTION: When styling synthetic remy hair wigs never use heating styling tools on your wig or expose your full lace wigs to excess sources of heat such as: hair dryers, curling irons, open ovens, boiling water, barbecue grills and even some cigarette lighters, because the heat will damage the fibers. When styling human hair wigs you can use all the tools you have used on your own hair (hair dryer, curling iron, hot rollers) and do not need to worry about heat exposure, but must use products especially formulated for lace front wigs.
  2. lace wig began as the best kept secret in hair styling innovation for celebrities. Now full lace wigsare available for the convenience and affordability of the every day diva. Lace wigs offer a semipermanentsolution to hair replacement. lace front wig is designed to look natural, as if you’re not wearing a wig at all. The lace is attached to the perimeter of the natural hairline, creating a natural looking hair line and a realistic looking scalp. You can manage human hair lace wigs just as your own human hair wig.