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  1. FYI
  2. I noticed this game on Steam. Anybody tried it? Got lots of FPS awards.
  3. We need a Battlefield V forum. New huge patch came out. Should hopefully fix a lot of the issues like ammo falling through the floor etc... It's supposed to address numerous netcode issues as well. And so far, Dice has been a joke when it comes to anti-cheat but there may be hope on the horizon:
  4. I've been playing the Alpha of BFV. It'll be different but it's fun.
  5. I'll keep an eye out in Mumble for you guys playing. I went a few rounds last night and it was like K and other mentioned, cool but confusing, died alot, got a few kills, etc.. but didn't get anywhere with team play, which is what I'm looking for. I'm also playing a bit of pubg and bf1. Rising Storm looks pretty cool though. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. One other thought, what do you guys think of the motion physics of the unreal engine?
  6. I was just looking in Steam at Rising Storm. Which version would I need?
  7. I might be giving up on Battlefield. Currently DICE really hosed the team balance in BF1. I also understand the future games all going "microtransaction" oriented and focusing on pissing players off so they'll hopefully be motivated to spend more money. There are odd tech patents that have been filed in that regard. That's negative reinforcement to me. Not gonna happen.
  8. I'm playing BF1. I only have time to play one and I guess I'm kinda stuck on the battlefield series.
  9. BF1 is ok. It'll give your hardware a workout. It's got it's moments but I still end up on BF4 more often. Maybe I'll try after this RAM upgrade.
  10. Is it just me or did the open beta end early?
  11. Yeah, it's still buggy too. Memory requirements are HUGE. It needs some balancing, overall I like the game but I'm not in love with at this time. Like 'Nexus said, you really really need squad play on BF1, lone wolfs just can't quite get the job done.
  12. So far it's pretty fun. I sure could use a graphics card and memory increase though. Glad to have you back in squad 'Nexus.