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  1. What are everybody's Battle.net ID's? My E-mai is: devin.noel@gmail.com ID: Fallon#1710
  2. I couldn't logon with Steam either, which I'm pretty sure I use to do. Was able to logon with username/password though.
  3. It would only be a couple people tops for me. I've got a few LAN party friends & DEFcon Hacker Fortress friends that play regularly. I don't think recruit status would be something interesting or appropriate for them, at least at this time. Also people like Eunch & Hawt Tuna, they've hung around with us forever, but don't seem to be interested in joining (I'm sure they could join easily if they felt so inclined) Cheez-it, Byazzie & Ajax were all for inviting others in chat tonight. Really when you get down to it group voice chat is the only thing holding the clan together. Anything that keeps people in group chat is good for the clan, anything that is going to splinter things & drive people to other chat clients is going to be bad. I see 0 reason to change our adults only policy. Let guests in, but any clan members should be free to boot them if they are annoyed by them at all or something sounds like a reasonable policy to me.
  4. What's the policy about inviting non WMD into Mumble these days? I've got a couple DC719 peeps that are going to be doing Hacker Fortress at DEFcon this year that are hanging out with us a bit. Know Byazzie has a few stragglers too.
  5. Been there, done that... Kind of (IT contractor, not in uniform). Stay safe & keep making our country proud. Somewhere I have a photo of Army/Navy/AirForce vs. Contractors around a conference room table playing CounterStrike. Most people were wearing battle rattle. Unfortunately it didn't go so good for the good guys. Terrorist Contractors were just to good. :-p Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. I find it really hard to dominate him as his pocket medic. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  7. Feh, Tapatalk sucks these days & you can't delete double posts.
  8. Devin.Noel@gmail.com Cell (719)337-7720 Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 7th and/or 8th.
  9. Why did you choose to apply to W]M[D? Everyone here is nice. Who are you talking about? Not many like that around here, especially Frost Whats with all the n00bs recently (you qualify as a n00b if you were born after I graduated from high school)? Gah! I just checked & the original TF is older than you... And you still meet the age requirements. Daym I feel, old now. Been playing this dam game longer than our 2 new recruits have been alive. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
  10. What's the other plugin or what not you guys have been using to announce who joined or do an overlay showing who is currently talking? I have Overwolf & it works, but it's feeling more & more like scamware.
  11. I just did some math... Yes it hurt... But I'm reasonably sure I've been playing TF since before he was born.
  12. I'm going to be near Ashburn VA here in early March. Have a class March 9th through 13th & they are probably going to have me doing some work in the area for a couple days before or after. So I'll have a weekend free to hang out if anybody is game. Fallon
  13. The wife picked up 2 new white orphingtons this weekend so we are up to 10 if you count the rooster. Get a carton of eggs out of them every other day at least in the summer, every couple days here in the winter. We raised the first ones from chicks, the recent acquisitions are already laying though.
  14. Fallon

    Comcast Cable

    Wireless, especially satellite sucks. You can't overcome the physical latency limitations. While Comcast as a company sucks, it's all about the cable plant. If you have modern cable in your area, it doesn't matter if it's phone, cable, or what, things will likely be pretty good. If it's old & predates bidirectional data usage, it sucks to be you. When I had Comcast back in Colorado Springs, it kicked ass, but we lived in a new subdivision. Out here in Parker, my only option is Century Link, which isn't to bad, but not as good for bandwidth or reliability as Comcast was. But its rural out here with old cable plant. Any DOCISS 3.0 modem is what you want. Motorola makes some good ones. Personally I never rely on my modem for any security & always put a dedicated router between the modem & my PCs. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
  15. Nice, will have to grab that when I get back from Disney World.