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  1. Cankill


    Good Morning WMD members !!! Just dropping in to say hi and hope everyone is well in these times.
  2. Not sure can't remember !  Thanks anyways


  3. Battlfield 1 is really less expensive to buy now than Battlefield 4 ............very said ! Flip lets go back to BF4 again !!!!
  4. Ok guys just posted the same in the shout box section >>>>>>Here goes a friend is running PS4 ,he has the beta and its amazing its on steam now @ 79.99 can .... >>>>yuk but Flip I may just buy it if its as good on PC >>>The division is coming out in Mid March
  5. Hey guys They are bringing Dragon Valley Map from BF2 to BF4 with destructible Bridges that can be repaired to allow vehicles to cross again .......They are really trying to keep this game interesting at no extra cost to the players . It makes me keep coming back to the only game that seems to interest most WMD members as a whole group or the majority anyways. To Quote Zipperbag " Just Saying" Best Regards Clan Members ;Cankill
  7. My Hardline Review>>>>> Well I have played longer than anyone in the Clan so far and highest ranked with the most money! The reson is I dont work much in the winter and have no Life .lol So here is my take on Hardline >>> It should have never had the word Battlefield associated with this game not even close they just wanted to sell the name ! Its a fun game ? YES is it worth 120.00 NO ! If you want some laughs buy the cheapest you can find at 40.00 as posted then buy the expansion if you like it. Those expansions will include new maps ?? It is needed because you get tired of these maps in a hurry.....The weapons options are very limited ,very evoultion (destruction) etc. They have a basic of 6 game modes and 9 maps sounds good right ? I think the game will get tiring in a very short time . But I have laughed more in this game so far than all my time in BF4. The game launch was miles ahead of BF4 very few if any problems .My take on it all >> You guys that left BF4 because of all the problems go back and try it again because it is the best game and has been fixed.. Hardline ????? Not sure if I can Recommend this game as its too much money for its content but I would like to see some of you TF2 and Planetside guys give BF4 another chance it a great game NOW and new modes on their way. TF2 guys I thinks you would like Hardline. Hope that satisfies FROST he is hard one to please ....This is just my thoughts guys and Soul, Some ,Zipper and the rest need to post their thoughts too . Best Regards Always
  8. "I did'nt do anything Frost" You know the Canucks ARE ALWAYS INNOCENT ????
  9. Why Hardlne should be a better game from the start and why BF4 had a rocky start but why did it take 11/2 half years to fix ? Cheers Warmongers Now lets play cops and robbers because it was just FUN !!!!!
  10. Cankill


    Great Game we all had fun playing the new Beta, very entertaining! Probably would not have bought game based on first Beta release until I played latest version.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to do that Frost....EXCELLENT
  12. We have some talented people in WMD,can someone come up with a few cool crest examples to be our official crest .Then have a vote of your choice or have council vote on it ????
  13. Good luck Sean Hurry back, your the only member that likes to play in the same time period as me!! You will be missed too because your just a "Good Guy" unlike Flipshot. "Stay safe Buddy'
  14. your post is here Zipper