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  1. I'm checking out Fornite. Very grindy, but still fun
  2. I was interested (liked the first one), but the loot system are pay-to-win. The more boxes you buy, the better your chances to get more powerful items. F that.
  3. So, this was a heck of a lot of fun. I ended up being the President of the US, while my wife was Head Science of the US. Early in the game, my military commander player accidentally announced that he was going to "annex" Central America, when he really meant to say "ally" with them. So the next round, the people playing the media and a few other countries came up to me asking why we were invading sovereign nations. That was a fun mess to clean up. Most of the game no one really trusted us other than the UK who I allied with quickly. The aliens revealed themselves early as peaceful and looking to regain their lost artifacts. We tried to enter talks with them, but they didn't go anywhere. Meanwhile, other nations were freely meeting with the aliens and it was all very shady. Around 2/3 of the way through the game, I used some spies to determine that the aliens were taking over NPC human governments. I had our science sector completely focus on weaponry as I no longer believed the aliens were as friendly as they made themselves out to be. Turns out I was right, as by the end of the game, the aliens had become completely hostile due to the fact that humans were not handing back their artifacts, but keeping them ourselves. On the last turn of the game, as the aliens were attacking Earth, the Prime Minister of Japan told me his scientists had found the locations of 4 alien bases on the moon and Mars. Luckily, the US had researched the ability to shoot nukes into space. No one else had though. Given an unfortunate limit of one nuclear launch per country per game round, we had no way of destroying the alien bases unless I convinced 3 other countries to let me have their nuclear launch codes so I can strap them to my outer space-capable ships. My friends at the UK handed theirs over readily, and China did too after some convincing. I needed one more nuke. France refused, as they had become peaceful hippies. India had torn their codes up earlier in the game as a show of non-violence. So, I went to the last remaining option: Russia. They told me they'd like to help...but they sold their nukes. To who??? One of the players playing a tabloid media outlet! I had to persuade that guy (and pay him a ton of money) to get the last nuke needed. In the final battle, the nuclear launches were all successful and we destroyed the alien threat. Unfortunately, the aliens had also launched biological attacks on Earth and wiped out nearly everyone except for the Brazilians, who spent their end-game building gigantic bunkers to save their population. 10/10 would play again, and recommend to anyone To those hesitant because the game seems like it requires too much role-playing / acting, know that the scientist and military roles were basically board games full of dice-chucking and card-playing.
  4. Cosplay is the silliest damn thing in the world that I have a lot of respect for. Some of those people are extremely impressive fabricators/craftsmen and obviously really enjoy what they're doing.
  5. Anyone on the East Coast and interested in joining up for a game of Watch the Skies? It's in Baltimore at the end of the month. Watch the Skies is a combination of live-action role playing/a board game/model UN with a theme like XCOM. You get placed as either a member of a human nation (President, Military Commander, Head Scientist, Foreign Ambassador), a member of the aliens, or a journalist. Aliens show up on Earth and you engage in diplomacy and spying and research tech trees and battle UFOs or other nations. Here's a video of some guys playing for the first time. They run Japan: They played again the next year too: My wife and I will be attending. If you want to join our team, let me know and I'll tell you our team name so when you buy your ticket, you can ask to be placed on the same team (we don't actually know what we are yet).
  6. Pretty good, though I was hoping it would include the guy who got hit by the bell
  7. Also, if a particular character is giving you problems, don't immediately switch to a counter of it. Instead, speak up - we probably already have someone who is a counter that just needs a heads up. Too much switching (without communication) may lead to imbalanced squads.
  8. Positioning Pressing LMB from a stationary position is not rocket science, which is why playing Bastion is primarily about your positioning. 1) DON'T park yourself in areas with a long line-of-sight. Not only are you less effective at doing damage at long range, you will get picked off by snipers and other characters that are good at hitting a stationary target from long distance. 2) DO give yourself a view of the primary choke point, from a medium distance (out of range of Roadhog's hook at least). 3) DO get on high ground whenever possible. You will be harder to hit and may surprise people. 4) DO move around. Many Bastions camp one spot. When people get killed by him, they'll be wary of the spot he was in, or flank it. Don't be there. When to be Bastion As Bastion, when you're countered, you're usually countered HARD. Know when to quit. 1) If the other team has a quality Genji, you need to choose another character. You will not beat him and he will continuously pick on you. Pharah, Widowmaker, and Junkrat are often problematic too. 2) Reinhardt and Mercy are your best friends. If they're on the team, Bastion is a nice pick. 3) I wouldn't recommend him on Offense, even those levels with cars. While it is fun to ride them, you're too easy a target. 4) On defense, if the attackers have a Reinhardt, your primary job is to take down that shield. No one can do it faster. Other Tips 1) Going into Turret Mode automatically reloads your 200-bullet clip. For this reason, rather than reload, I always choose to Stand Up, then Sit Back Down. It takes about the same amount of time as a reload animation, and if someone starts hitting you in the middle of it, you're Standing Up, so you can get the hell out of there. 2) I don't particularly like the Tank Ult, but it can be good if you have high ground and fire down at people, or if they're in a tight room or hallway.
  9. Due to some people (like me) having Blizzard account names that are not what they're best known as here in WMD, I think a thread with a list of players would be good to avoid "who the heck is ____?" moments. Crimson: Weltall #1635
  10. I'd like to see more modes/maps/etc (though I expect that from Blizzard), but the bones of the game are very good. I recommend it.
  11. I have issues finding games even in the evening or on weekends, when one would expect a significant number of people to be playing. There's no way 0 people on the East Coast are playing Walker Assault on a Sunday afternoon. I've tried the common "fixes", like excluding Battle of Jakku.
  12. You guys having as much trouble with the matchmaking as I am? It's basically impossible for me to play anything other than Turning Point, and sometimes Walker Assault.
  13. Oh, your old card is too old to get the latest drivers. We'll see you on Friday
  14. Oxide, give it a try on whatever you've got now. I'm below the minimum reqs for some things and I can run it fine (albeit on low/medium graphics, but they still look pretty nice)