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  1. Hey! im back sorry i didn't tell anyone i was leaving but i didnt even know either haha i had to leave to mexico unexpectedly.
  2. SirChubs


    I'm going to Sinaloa But not for Vacation( i wish) its more of a business trip. :|
  3. SirChubs


    I'm gonna be leaving tonight to mexico for a week :| I'll let you guys Know when i get back
  5. Yea, that sounds alot easier Frost.
  6. I'm down but when i get netflix haha
  7. Haha! wassup big pharma and thanks
  8. Thanks man, I will try to purchase a mic ASAP
  9. [Part 1 - Biographic Info] In-game name: Sgt.Stubby Real Name (optional): Eric Sex: Male Date of Birth: 12/6/1994 Location (city/state): Riverside,Ca E-mail Address: Steam ID # (type "status" in console to see this. example: 0:0:16630461): 0:0:20077153 Steam Community Page (example: http://steamcommunit...561197993526650): What other games besides Team Fortress do you play? Left 4 Dead 1&2, BBC2 Have you read and agree to abide by W]M[D's Code of Conduct (Y/N): Yes [Part 2 - Team Fortress Specific] How long have you been playing TF2? Since August 7th, 2008 List your 3 best classes:Sniper Scout and Demoman What are your usual playtimes? Afternoon and Evenings Do you have a working microphone and voicechat capabilities? Not Right Now Will you be joining our TeamSpeak server on a regular basis and making an effort to get to know the W]M[D community? Yes once i buy my mic