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  1. Ghost

    FACEBOOK what apps everyone use?
  2. i would but i'm not near my comp. at all on saturday. i will be in the STL
  3. ok i will concede LOTR is older that was my mistake. and yeah its just my personal preference that i like Star Wars. LOTR movies were good i just like star wars more.
  4. Star wars all the way... A movies are better... B there are more movies meaning it was that good... C Star Wars is older and people of all ages love it... D there are what 3 LOTR books not including hobbit(that i'm aware of) and there are roughly 100 Star Wars books... and the star wars guy completely won that argument.
  5. if its worth it i will get it but i want a game that will still be fun a year from now and i'm not sure if it will be
  6. you have a treadmill... do you use it?
  7. i like him for the simple fact he likes HOUSE
  8. yeah weapon limits would be nice i am tired of having to constantly change class b/c we have 5 of one class on a team
  9. guessing 21 but in all reality he has the IQ and the mentality of an 11 yr old. happy b-day man
  10. AGREED it would make me ROFL if santa would be on the cart saying "Ho Ho Ho" Ghost
  11. Maybe valve its going towards more fantasy b/c of the stupid people who think the game represents real life and they think they can walk down the street (or hall) and shoot the place up and it be ok. Maybe they are trying to diffuse the problem of kids getting guns and killing others over stupid reasons or b/c it looked cool on the video game??? Ghost