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  1. Supposedly this is actual in-game footage, but DICE are masters at promotion. Recall all the previous BF trailers, which were actually in-game footage, but rarely seen as such..at least for me. In addition, the DICE track record is not so convincing. Game's released in Nov 2015...may be playable in Nov 2016.
  2. I'm d/l now, and RGSC request is in.....I'm so tired of BF4 and the public kiddies. I'll miss the impromptu matches with Can, Zip and Trauma though ;-(
  3. Server just dumped again. Most got back on right away, but scores were reset. Also, !move cmd wasn't working, even though [ADMIN] msg says it did so.
  4. good vid.....Main gun vs. infantry took quite a nerf!
  5. Hey Guys, Came across this announcement. Seems quite intriguing! http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/introducing-nvidia-g-sync-revolutionary-ultra-smooth-stutter-free-gaming To the tech guru's here, has this approach been tried before, or is NVIDIA just rebranding some older tech/method? Seems legit, so I'll be keeping my eye on this.....
  6. Another one already?! They keep coming faster, eh old man?
  7. OrbDog

    Tough Mudder

    I just completed this event today, and must recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging adventure race. It was well run, well staffed, and us participants all had a great time and helped each other out. Looking forward to doing again, perhaps trying a different venue. toughmudder
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a good day, and many more.
  9. Happy Bday, Nav. I hear yer age is Classified?!
  10. I agree with EVGA recommendations....
  11. When teleprompters go bad.............you get the true Sharpton.
  12. Thanks for the awareness, Dead. I just saw it for the first time two weeks ago. I could barely choke back the tears as I'm explaining to my kids what this represents, and the pride, honor, and tradition that is the foundation of this memorial. It's a powerful experience that every American should witness.