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    OrbDog got a reaction from Flipshot in Star Wars Battlefront   
    Supposedly this is actual in-game footage, but DICE are masters at promotion. Recall all the previous BF trailers, which were actually in-game footage, but rarely seen as such..at least for me. 
    In addition, the DICE track record is not so convincing. Game's released in Nov 2015...may be playable in Nov 2016.
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    OrbDog reacted to Zipperbag in Boneyard 2   
    Hey Guys
    I wanted to post some info on a few subjects, which are subject to change for various reasons  ex.  Its not news that the Commander join button doesnt show up on BY2.  I believe its because it runs Domination (Dom) maps.  However some players have been able to join as Commander when the Server has a Conquest map playing.  I would truly appreciate it, if one of the Gurus could find out exactly how the players achieve access to Commander mode w/o the join button.  I believe it should be related to manually typing in the correct info in the browser window.  Personally I truly would like the opportunity for both Members and pubbers to play Commander, at least when Server is near full.
    On a somewhat related note, both Boneyard and BY2 have an instance of Deathmatch which I believe also effects the Commander button being available.  (Basically I may just edit my post to say "I dont like DM much")  Im not saying "please dont comment"  Im really just trying to put out some info that is currently relevant. 
    ie.  I believe some gamers would enjoy more intense play in rotation, However I really just added the Squad DM for testing on BY2, just yet.
    I really try to look at many different angles when attempting to change the rotation.  I believe having DM balances the rotation some in that not All players excel at DM.  However only having one map may only cause irritation with the fact that it can break Teams AFAIK
    Now along with the Server, I also have my own webpage.  I currently have it setup for pubbers who play on BY2 to get a chance to offer map input and/or post polls etc.  Obviously Members could consider visiting my Site, and possible help squash any bad (terrible) suggestions.  But if ya see something silly on rotation, please understand that it may only last a week.  fwiiw I have yet to see a pubber attempt to join the Site using their BF IGN.  It also goes without saying that I will listen to Member input via TeamSpeak etc.
    Personally I feel that the current rotation lacks enough Conquest.  I could just as easily say it appears Dom heavy.  Id just hope that you would try to roll with any changes using an open mind.  ex.  I wasnt really feeling Locker Conquest at the start.  However Im somewhat hesitant to add in rotation for a few reasons 1) map is used for Dom and Obliteration 2) its probably played on most every Server 3) Im sure some still view it as Metro 2.0
    Last but not least.  I have enabled priority join on BY2, along w Spectate for Members.  Basically I believe the positives of having Admin in-game out--weigh the inconveniences.  Spectate mode allows you the opportunity to select who takes a break  ie. Its possible you notice someone youve had to kick before.  imho Its probably best for non-premium to just click join.  Hopefully in the future We may have real Regs using Teamspeak that could really help w the transition  ex. Kick Zip, all the guys doin is snipin from spawn!  Incidentally I also have available a murmur Server that could be useful in such situations  ie. The guys to raw w language spoken for Teamspeak...   But please make sure its a tool used in addition to using TeamSpeak.  Im kinda bummed when I see someone playing w/o TS, Id be disappointed if they only were using Mumble...
    oops I wasnt exactly planning to mention this, but it might be interesting if we had Mumble viewable on the Forum.  We could have a channel for "Admin needed"
    My Site is still a work in progress at this time, so it may be a few days more on using Mumble..
    ttl;dr I believe Frost has a post comming soon!  Thats probably the one to comment on, and/or start a post addressing feedback
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    OrbDog reacted to Frost in Why I want Procon (to help Netcode issues)   
    I'm writing a plugin that analyzes voice patterns and is designed to automatically kick anyone who says variations of the phrase: "No waay, that guy is totally hacking, no way man!"  This should take care of your problem Flip.
    I haven't turned it on yet, however, because I haven't found a way for it to not kick Tiger immediately as well.
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    OrbDog reacted to Frost in Why I want Procon (to help Netcode issues)   
    Now, unfortunately I don't think anything will fix the netcode completely. But I'm convinced that if we limit the high ping players in our server, it will cut down on a lot of it. This is one of the reasons I'm interested in procon, because one of the plugins they offer is an automatic high ping kicker (variable set by us).
    Its my goal in the next couple days to have Procon up and working. Please be patient as we get everything working correctly and get admin working properly. Also, my apologies if I have to restart the server a number of times in the next couple of days. 
    Once procon is up and running, I'll be posting polls on the forums about what plugins you'd like to see.
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    OrbDog reacted to Frost in BF4 Pricing Information for noobs   
    BF4 from Origin - 59.99
    BF4 Deluxe - 69.99 (Same as regular game, but just comes with 3 free battlepacks - read: unlocks). Not worth the $10 in my opinion.
    BF4 Premium - 49.99 (requires the stand alone game - this is simply pre-paying for the 4 expansion sets that DICE will be releasing in the future)
    My suggestion - only buy the vanilla game, and hold off on premium. First, the vanilla game already comes with the first expansion for free (China Rising). Second, premium sometimes goes on sale (the regular game rarely does). Third, if BF3 is any indication, you might not like or play 1 or 2 of the expansions, and then it wouldn't be cheaper after all to buy premium
    Places to buy the vanilla game:
    1) Origin - 59.99
    2) Amazon - 59.99 (comes with $5 Amazon credit, and also comes with 1 free Battlepack - Amazon exclusive): http://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-4-5-Credit-Download/dp/B00BXONG7G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381784095&sr=8-1&keywords=battlefield+4
    *3) Green guy gaming - 59.99 (comes with $8 cash back, or $10 credit to greenguygaming). Does not come with Battlepack; http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/shooter/battlefield-4-na/
    *If you use a referral link from someone's Greenguygaming account, both you and the person who referred you gains $2 extra GMG credits. NOTE - the above link to GMG does not contain a referral.
    4) Gamestop - 59.99 (comes with double XP for launch weekend): http://www.gamestop.com/collection/battlefield-4
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    OrbDog reacted to NAVSPECWARCOM in Export Key Bindings from BF3 -> BF4   
    So I was getting quite annoyed with setting up my Key bindings in BF4. For some reason I can't bind the "DELETE" key to anything and toggling between my Main Gun and Secondary on Tanks, using my Mouse 3 button, wasn't working either. 
    I did find a solution at the BF Forums. Note: You may have to re-tweak some settings. For example, my mouse sensitivity was was set to 333% when I exported it over and the game was set to "Windowed" instead of "Fullscreen"
    Part A
    1) Navigate to: C:\Users\User\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings
    2) Copy file: PROF_SAVE_profile
    3) Navigate to: C:\Users\User\Documents\Battlefield 4\settings
    3) Paste copied file: PROF_SAVE_profile
    4) Re-name file: PROFSAVE_profile - To anything you like. I suggest keeping this just incase.
    5) Re-name file PROF_SAVE_profile you copied from BF3 directory to PROFSAVE_profile
    The End.
    Please note, there may be settings within the original BF4 file that obviously won't be transferred across. To ensure all relevant settings from the original BF4 are retained -
    I would suggest doing the following:
    Part B
    1) After you have completed Part A enter a game as normal.
    2) Alt + esc from the game and navigate to: C:\Users\User\Documents\Battlefield 4\settings
    3) Re-name the original BF4 file which you should have kept safe - back to it's original name: PROFSAVE_profile
    4) Discard the file you copied from the BF3 directory
    5) Re-enter Game
    6) Navigate to game Menu / Key Bindings and make a temporary key binding change
    7) Click back and select save
    Original Post: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065670086068315/
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    OrbDog got a reaction from Frog in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC Free   
    Entering a special E3 promo code on EA's Origin service unlocks the Close Quarters DLC pack for Battlefield 3.
    To get your free content pack, launch Origin and select "Redeem Product Code..." under the Origin menu on the top bar. Enter "BF3E3" (without the quotes) and you should unlock the Close Quarters pack.
    Sadly this offer only seems to be good for PC players, but console fans can console themselves with the fact that Close Quarters is our resident Battlefield expert's least favorite content pack for DICE's shooter.
    Update: Apparently this is free on console as well, so get out there and download yourself some free DLC.
    Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/06/14/battlefield-3-close-quarters-dlc-free-on-pc.aspx
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    OrbDog got a reaction from Flipshot in Battlefield 4 Pre-Order: Anyone doing it?   
    Kinda agree with Frost, as DICE has been disappointing so many times, but the pull of Battlefield is just too strong for me. I'm sure I'll break down and get it, but I like to think I have some willpower.
    For those inclined, you can pick it up cheaper at:
    Don't forget to use the code GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD for add'l 20% off to drop it to 43€.
    (I used this site to purchase Bioshock: Infinite and had no issues activating their provided code on Steam.)
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    OrbDog reacted to Zipperbag in More Tweaks...some good   
    I thought this might be good for shotgun Sundays'
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    OrbDog reacted to Zipperbag in More Tweaks...some good   
    Tank Destroyer how-to Vid w Reactive armor guidance