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  1. If we try to keep these ideas in mind when playing I think we'll see a lot fewer frustrating games. Good work Sabeypls.
  2. If anyone is going to be calling plays I feel it should probably be the Lucio. I feel like Mercy is going to fall out of favor and be replaced by Zenyatta with his recent buffs, and in tournaments right now Lucio is almost always picked. His abilities make him critical in nearly all pushes imo and these are some great tips.
  3. Definitely worth trying. You'll only play Pharah but that's ok It's a little harder to just casually mess around in compared to TF2 since you'll likely get stomped if you play stupidly. There are a lot of similarities and some nice differences that give it a new enough feel that it isn't boring. #Lolololololol
  4. My understanding of the flank roles goes kinda like this: you want to be advancing or holding areas that the main combo (generally Reinhardt, a support class, and an offensive class, with maybe an occasional 4th) isn't actively looking at. This doesn't have to mean that you should be super far away from the combo either; you can have eyes on the flank while supplementing the combo's damage. You don't want to eat the same spam damage that the combo is getting hit with, but try not to be so far away that you can't swing over and lend a hand.The name of the game here isn't necessarily to have crazy high kill counts or damage, but to prevent the enemy flank players from coming at us from the sides or the back. Offensively, don't try to take on full health targets unless you're confident you can win the fight (you can get close and out DM them, they're distracted, etc), and generally going for picks on injured targets will be very effective (think about getting jumped on by a Winston when you only have 100 health left. You lose). If you're playing a flank class and you hear that one of your main offense classes is going to push with an ult or that the combo is about to go crazy offensive into the other team, that's your automatic cue that you should be moving in on the enemy flank to distract OR to get picks on the players that are distracted by your combo. This is one of the things Frost and Sabey were trying to get at in the other thread: ideally it'll become an unspoken understanding that this is how effective pushes work. Combo in front of you? No problem, spam some damage at them with help from your flank. Flank pushing in? Focus them down, it'll only be one or two players. Combo pushing in with one or both flanks attacking as well? Better hope they can't aim. Another super important flank player aspect is knowing when to RUN AWAY. If you're going to die, back out and let everyone know that you're no longer on that flank. This allows the combo to readjust their priorities while you dip out and get some healing and maybe your flank buddy can swoop in and save you. Learn health pack locations. Take enemy health packs so they can't have them. Get in their heads so much that they don't even want to be on the flank when you're there. Finally, know that flank players are typically the most flexible. If you've been patrolling your section of the map and you know their flank players are dead or otherwise occupied, and you hear your combo asking for help, go help. You probably move very quickly and either provide a big distraction (Winston) or a lot of damage (McCree, Tracer, 76, Pharah, etc) that can quickly turn the tide of a combo vs combo fight. This doesn't mean give up the flank if you're in the middle of a fight; if someone asks for help and you can't come, say so. If you ask for help and nobody can give it, maybe it's time to fall back. I might be missing some elements with this post since I'm new to Overwatch too, this is just general flank stuff I picked up playing TF2 that I'm trying to apply here. I'd also like to say that Frost is super duper cute. I love the haircut.
  5. This touches on the pretty hugely important concept of playing roles, not heroes. I think a big difference between high level teams and low level teams will be the ability to play multiple roles with different heroes instead of trying to shoehorn one hero into every situation.
  6. The magnificent Cheeze-it and I have put together a little something that I think adequately summarizes what it's like to play TF2 with the one and only Frost. Enjoy!
  7. I'll be playing when/if matchmaking starts. One of the biggest issues we had before was finding good times to scrim and that sort of thing and matchmaking would hopefully help that aspect a lot.
  8. Lyrics, for those of you who want to follow along at home: Can anybody find me a medic to love My loadout is old and I'm tired of it Black box and gunboats on my feet Take a look in the mirror and cry Lord what you doing to me I've spent all my time in MGE for you But I just cant get any heals Lord Somebody, somebody Can anybody find me a medic to love I work hard Every day of my life Airshots 'till I ache in my bones At the end I'll take out both of the scouts all on my own They'll get down on their knees and they'll start to pray 'till the tears run down from their eyes Lord somebody, ooh somebody Can anybody find me A medic to love (he works hard) Everyday, they'll try and they'll try and they'll try But everybody's trying to kill you know They say I'm going crazy I'll put a lot of rocket right through their brain I got no common sense I got nobody left to believe yeah yeah yeah yeah Ooh somebody, somebody Can anybody find me a medic to love Now I got my shotgun I'll shoot em right in the feet I'm okay, I'm alright I aint gotta face no defeat I just gotta get ubered and rocketjump Because now you're pocketing me Find me a medic to love Can anybody find me A medic to love