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  2. Here is a vid covering currency in-game (six forms now) Good Stuff!
  3. Guys I know I can be quite subjective when I tout some things So I'm just gonna say some might consider watching whatever you wind up finding on YouTube! Basically, our "Outfit" earns progress capturing bases (including holding them) towards unlocking needed "materials" towards unlocking a Bastion It's also worth noting some bases payout differently and are more valuable to own Think we're close to a 1/4 way on earning a Bastion more or less If we have at least five guys I think just two days could mean quite a bit There are no upgrades on the Bastion AFAIK so it wreaks havoc on the battlefield in stock form It's worth noting that a planned colossal tank using the same "materials" will have some variants aside from the main gun which actually does damage to the tank itself when fired Again it's a free game to play and now quite a few of the "pay" items can be earned/rewarded through play Items like camo's/guns etc.
  4. Zipperbag


    I just saw this (News to me anyway)
  5. Hey Crow Thanx for taking the time to fill out an app I'm going to try an keep this upbeat But it's like I said Recruitment may take a minute Not many active in many games ya know As I say there are a few playing 7 Days While I do believe Division is something you have that we also play As a whole we have been much more into Battlefield/Team Fortress 2 But I feel somewhat confident that this next COD MW may see some interest (Release date is like Oct 25th) Although I'd hold off on any such thing as pre-ordering (lulz) Hopefully you don't have anything against Steam because most if not all members can be found on there... (We're not as a whole always too quick to jump on coms) Basically seeing other members playing usually leads to coms ya know Speaking of coms I messaged the connection info! Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy meeting some of the members...
  6. Jack Frags has some video on it So I'd venture to say it's pretty good Sounds like from this video it is FTP this W/E Personally I can't really tell if it reminds me more of BF3 and/or MOH I'd probably be willing to install it if there's any chance you were to join us for some 7DTD Anyway here is Jacks video which touches on the games "roadmap"
  7. How about a section in the forum for BFV? Heres a hints n' tips video! I can't tell you how anxious I am to see one of you pros take an enemy's grenade and toss it back for the kill (Madawg you can even shoot the grenade!)
  8. Zipperbag

    Madden 19

    Hello, Hope to see you guys n' gals in BF soon! (Maybe 7 Days?) So anyway I know most probably not too interested in Football But I been enjoying this Madden 19 quite a bit So if anybody is interested in any help and/or pointers I should be able to provide some guidance Plus I would appreciate your time in some of the objectives LOL Stuff like "Squad" challenges is kind of glitchy It almost seems like the computer is set to Win or lose Most Feared is the current promo! (I'm planning to post some video on FB and/or YT for the event) Here's a legit video from a youtuber which kinda gives some helpful knowledge
  9. I'm thankful for the fact that probably nobody else needs to know this but your gonna want to open origin and select the game and hit the "try now" button (Good Luck if you try a search for demo/Beta etc.)
  10. Think we need a BFV coms channel? I just bought the premier access but still no Alpha/Beta play
  11. Does anyone have a rather specific grouping that they find fun to play? I have been somewhat enjoying 3x3 Tank n Support It seems to work best with an aggressive DVA whose just not to overaggressive Quite obviously a good Reaper can provide plenty of pain (Worst appears to be a Genji Pharah combo)
  12. (interesting storyline)
  13. BF1 $9.99
  14. Its another survival game (Steam) It doesn't appear to involve much building but it has a 7dtd feel