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    Have something to bring to the table, people will be more accepting of you.


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    I am in school for Police Foundations. Currently I am hoping to find a job with in my known fields of Life guarding, Ropes course, or cleaning. I really am easy to work with. I love playing TF2 because it is relaxing in comparison to what jobs I do. I have great interest in learning other pertinent things that can be applied to life. I am also always willing to lend an ear to a person who needs it. If you ever need to drop a line go ahead.

    I think overly negative with the intention of thinking positive. In simpler words whenever something bad happens I simply say well at least it could have been worse and then I feel better and look towards the future.
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    boxing, running, TF2, home renovations
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    home reno, student, odd jobs, some roofing here and there

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  1. As requested the final product.... Now I have to practice playing which I have no real musical talent. It took a hell of a long time.
  2. Hey all, been a while since I was on here. I now have a computer that can play games. So whats everyone playing these days? I'm hoping I can jump in at some point but i should probably update my gaming library lol. Talk to you all soon Gerrit
  3. Gerritf_384


    Hey its definitely been a long time since I have talked with most of you. But I should be able to get back into gaming soon enough as the first of my computer parts are arriving. Yay. Also some of you have asked how the violin build is going. It is about 2 to 3 years from completion still as I haven't had much time between a wedding, a puppy, and a travelling job. But I do have completed photos of what it will look like when I am done. So with that said,Happy New year to all and I will see you on the battle field soon Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  4. If you call the Middle Ages civilized I will have to send you many wiki links to prove your point wrong. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the huntsman but only as a troll weapon.
  5. Cant seem to open the document.
  6. i might buy the four pack if people show interest
  8. Bottom line you should get it. Or V2 cause we already know that V2 has an amazing multi player if there is enough people in the server. As well as I don't want to be the only person who has it.
  9. wish I was there. looks like you had an awesome time
  10. So any one else have a problem making a ship server recently....I definitely did.
  11. Congratulations!!! I feel more guilty about making your rage TF2 the first time we met.