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  1. i was playing some TF2 this past week
  2. this might be old news to everyone but me but it's info on the new ranking system, some bits about a new map called eichenwalde.
  3. there are a lot of really impressive ones out there. i look forward to hitting a couple cons and seeing some in person.
  4. for those of you that have bought or may purchase The Division, there's a sale code for the Season Pass.
  5. haha. i enjoyed that. my only gripe is that the mouth isn't quite big enough.
  6. i've had trouble with the matchmaking as well, particularly with smaller form matches. and even when it has worked it's been odd. it will work its way down from games that are 90%.. 80%, etc. and i'll drop into one when it's at 10% full only to find that it's 20 vs. 20. so, i've stopped paying any mind to the connection process because it seems nonsensical at times.
  7. That picture is shopped.... i don't spy.
  8. You can pre-order the game for 25% off right now.
  9. good to hear. TS has been devoid of 80s hits since you left us looking forward to seeing you burninate again soon
  10. sorry your upcoming vacation has taken such a turn. i hope you're able to make the best of the time out west with your dad. we'll have to catch up on ts sometime, as i just got home from my 2 week leave of absence as well and just read your status today.
  11. in case it's enough to tip people on the fence about it currently.... Green Man gaming has a voucher code that can get you 22% off of GTA V at the link above. (it makes the game 47$ instead of 60$ and you still get the pre-purchase goodies).
  12. ah, with that explanation, i set up an account today. i'm in as wmdbones.
  13. hmmm... i don't know what this ID is, so i probably don't have one yet.