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  1. Congrads frost! you must of been playing plhog alot Yeah 80's is coming back! Yeah I'm happy things are getting better look forward to talking with everyone again!
  2. UPDATE: Looks like I'll be back in about a week things seem to be getting better for my Dad and I have booked a flight back to PA for Oct 25, 2015, So Soon i'll be back on to play whatever games are out there (TF2) is all I know =) Talk to you guys soon!
  3. UPDATE - Count down to Plhogtown, I will be coming back to east coast around near end of October. as of right now but might change Thanks Doge means alot! Bones - Yes we will have to catch up hope your trip to europe goes well! Frost - I'll keep ya updated
  4. Well Everyone, I was suppose to travel to Germany to be at Oktoberfest but I cancel my flight and I must take a leave not by choice I will be flying out to the west to be with my dad he's not in good health so my internet may be limited. I will keep updates with information when I might return. Tonight will be my last night before I head out on my flight tomorrow morning I might pop on Teamspeak on my mobile phone every once a while and maybe see how ya'll are doing To my normal tf2 group I'll miss plhoggin with you. May the Plhog be with you, Always.
  5. byazzie

    Windows 10

    7 Days to die has FPS increase same with H1z1 and TF2 works fine, tonight I'll know if I'm able to plhog better LOL
  6. byazzie

    Windows 10

    Just upgraded the gaming laptop to 10 at work today and H1Z1 confirmed working for me, I'm going thru list of games I play, Upgrade was easy no issue found yet
  7. Hey Doge, Good to see you applied for WMD your an awesome player on TF2! Hope to see you on later on tonight
  8. Sulu voice(Oh my) lol yes please do come in!
  9. LOL,see what you done now did xtheharlequinx!! was fun night and fun playing with you even thou I paid for it after going to bed at 2:40am hahaha
  10. I've been playing with few friends on EvE and then on Dust 514 I play alone since they don't really play ps3 And thank you accepting me in! now lets do some tf2!
  11. Part 1 - Biographic InfoPrimary Game: tf2 In Game Name: =(e)=™ byazzie Real Name: Brian Sex: male Birth Date: 355806180 Location: Camp Hill,PA E-mail Address: Steam ID: Other Games: Anything really mostly FPS such operation flashpoint, DayZ, TF2, BF3, EvE Dust 514(PS3) Also play mmo's such as wow and EQ,EQ2 Code of Conduct: ,yes, Part 2 - Game Specific How long have you been playing?: been playing TF2 since it came out for steam when you had to pay for it =\ But still love it Who Referred you?: Why do you wish to join?: So I can obtain W]M[D status!,lol no but really I always had fun playing with all the clan members on TF2 everyone work good together. I'm good with what ever class you need me to play Do you play on our servers?: yes The Boneyard and few I always join the servers that WMD are on. Click here to view the recruit