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  1. Although I haven't seen him since he became ultra-Asian (e.g. going to visit his homeland in Asia, further straightening his straight jet-black hair, believing in fortune cookies), I still have a soft spot in my heart for our dear friend, Saber. Dr. Cheezrite proudly presents: Tenor/Lead: Dr. Dendrite Bari/Bass: Cheez-it <3 u guys!
  2. ...a medic to love? Props to DD for: the new lyrics his killer voice the awesome harmonies the brutal solo being a cool guy -Cheez
  3. Cheez-it

    Bloody Good Time

    byazzie and I already own it, FYI. It's fun. -Cheez
  4. Happy birthday, budday! Does this mean that your puberty is now active and you'll soon get your man-voice? We were all getting a little sick of the squeaker-thing that you normally do.
  5. Whaaaat? This happened...earlier than I expected. Now you've aged out of my second-most preferred age group for females. I won't mention the tolerances for the "prime" category, but you used to be in "super-prime." At this point, you'll just have to settle for "ultra-super-prime." Don't worry, you'll never be completely off the radar - I've calibrated my instruments to accept a full spectrum of age/gender mixes [for humans]. So, uh, happy birthday! -Cheez
  6. He prolly got grounded for not taking the trash out when he promised mommy/daddy that he would. <sigh>, the under-18 group: so terribly attractive, but unable to manage their own schedules/curfews/feeding times.
  7. Oh no...not this guy. I know that we're supposed to make ourselves available to the new recruits in order to get to know them, but do we really want yet another person that has chosen spy as a main class? Cactus is so very, very young..only 17. Judging by his tender, cracking voice on teamspeak, I suspect that he is still quite impressionable. I'm always on the prowl to take young players under my wing so I can show them the ropes. Perhaps if we unite, we could mold him into a good medic/engineer/other support role(s). I'm only putting this suggestion out there because I think that he's way too good at spy he hasn't adequately experimented with other classes. Basically, I don't want Cactus to feel overpressured to meet our expectations. I propose that Cactus and I: spend a lot of time together in our own, private teamspeak channel (just the boys!) have many late-night grinding sessions in which I teach him the ins-and-outs of TF2 and TF2 etiquette have at least one IRL meetup, so I can:hover over his shoulder while he's hunched at his computer desk place my left hand on his left hand to teach WASD place my right hand on his right hand to teach smooth and deliberate mouse movements whisper sweet, sweet tips about strats, rollouts, and trickstabs into his innocent ears Please like this post if you are in favor of this style of intense one-on-one coaching for young new recruits. -Cheez
  8. Haha, thanks everybody! See you all in-game soon!
  9. Just because I don't have "Azn" in my name like other clan members?!? That's just racist! Do I need to make an effort to sound more Asian on teamspeak? Please advise. 40 years old? I know I'm starting to get up there in age, but I feel like I should protest how inflated your estimate is! I hope that we get to meet up IRL sometime, Xalerwons. I will show you what "40 years" of roofie expertise looks like.
  10. After Reggetti and Bolar Pear both log off at the same time (apparently, they're super into each other or something #noonetoldme), the mass exodus began. Oxide, Smokey, DD, Bob...everybody left me in a 2v2 on pl_badwater. The BLU Team: HawtTuna (Soldier) A pyro that taunted continuously while riding the cart to victory My team on RED: Me (Demoman and, later, as Solly) Saber (as the Spy Who Did Nothing and Let Tuna Beat the Living Crap out of Me) Ordinarily, this would be fine. I'd have yet another horrible round and then log off for the night. This morning, I found this treasure in my YouTube subscription box: You, and the whole world, can watch Tuna humiliate me for about four minutes. He's evil. Apparently, all the time he spent on those jump maps paid off. On the plus side, he used replay, so there's no HUD or kill feed. -Cheez P.S. Saber, you can go #%$& yourself.