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    right now I really like deseret, calligraphy, and watercolors

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    I go to art school and I like wasting time

    I have a strong interest in linguistics and art history, I drink a lot of coffee, and I aspire to be employed someday
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    illustration student
  1. now i am! look at me go! Thank you!
  2. does this mean i'm not the baby anymore??
  3. happy birthday bond youre ancient
  4. thats a years tuition for me after scholarships, jfc
  5. happy b day cora! glad you didnt let these losers scare you off, youre amaazing and im glad i'm friends with you
  6. I think we met when i subbed for gt once? welcome to the clan, enjoy your free non alcoholic beverages and party snacks
  7. you're old(er) congratulations
  8. that's a great coincidence, haha happy birthday madawg n mith