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  1. Mr.Doge831

    Discord Chat

    Heya! Just wanted to see if I could get that Discord link. That way we can bully Frost onto it with all of our cool inside jokes
  2. So, haven't really posted here. But I have a question for y'all mature adults (Excluding Frost) Ive been looking at UI Design as a career and I just wanted to ask, do any of you have experience or knowledge of this field? Any help is appreciated. PS: Love ya Frost
  3. Also here's a meme of how I feel when I'm on with you guys :3
  4. Oh shucks you're making me blush
  5. 10 put of 10. Already Watched it and was purty Bueno. But let's get real, how are you so good with S76!?!?!?
  6. Also how do you record your stuff so flawlessly? My recommendation is that you become a YouTuber Frost
  7. Wow I feel honored to be in your clips Frost. I also checked out some of your older vids. 10/10. I want to see more recordings! (Since my computer can barely run OW) Also why do you drown us out with music? Don't you want to hear our amazing voices? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Truth be told i did Photoshop that 1, it was to make you feel better after i dominated you
  9. If were talking about pwning Frost, then i got this gem for you. This waa back in my Recruit days. Good times. <3 You Frost :3
  10. Ill phlog everyday till you get back. Take care and hope your dad feels better soon :3
  11. This Is Us During Matches, or at least Frost usually goes on the opposite team to get us to actually play.
  12. Hello! Its an honor to meet you King Choob. Im Doge, a recently accepted member of this clan. Itll be awesome to finally play with one of the greats! (P.S. Frost is very bad at TF2, was he ever good when you were around?)
  13. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ No way, its the founder of W]M[D!
  14. So i just saw this. Wow. Much battle, very new, such graphics. Im preordering it, who else is on this hype train. Because im the conductor