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  1. mine is running sluggish takes a minute to do anything after I click and I only see european servers, like 10 of them with a latency of 500+
  2. I think 103 i didn't mess with it
  3. Nothing special still toying with software, used FRAPs to record some highlights and then windows movie maker, not the best quality, but it works. Something went wrong with the sound on the last two clips, not sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RLnBmQx3V4&feature=youtu.be
  4. So I gave plays.tv a try and even at the lowest settings it kills my in game FPS and the produced vids are choppy, I read up on it and this is a high speed program that uses existing hardware to do it's recording so if you have an older card it uses software to record, so basically if you have a card capable of shadowplay this would be a great program... Why would I use it if I could use shadowplay? Anyway the search continues.
  5. So I used Fraps and some other stuff way back in the day and I know about shadowplay, but my video card is not supported by it. What are the best ones now a days? I've read about plays.tv and open broadcast software on a google search but I wanted to see if any of you had some good ones to suggest? I read this article http://www.pcworld.com/article/3040695/software/the-best-pc-game-video-capture-software-5-top-recording-tools-compared.html . I am pretty good with computers but don't keep up with the newest tech as often as others so it doesn't have to be simple. I've got an old Geforce 480 if that helps, and I don't want to upgrade, I got two in SLI that play everything just fine and not looking to upgrade any time soon.
  6. So I have an issue if I close the game and come back often I get "Playing Now" instead of a Play button and I found the easiest fix for it. Right click on your Overwatch shortcut click open file location and find the Overwatch.exe NOT the loader, the one that is roughly 27MB and it will start the game. Not sure if anyone else has this issue but it fixed it for me, for now.
  7. I am interested but I have a unique schedule right now I work 6pm-6am Thu/Fri/Sat and alternating Wed But Sun/Mon/Tue I am always off so I may not be able to get on at the time you all want to do this, no biggie.
  8. Got mine paid for already and I revert to nights this week on Wed so Mon Tue all nighters for me this week!
  9. I just played the beta and this game is like TF2 meets SOF2 back in the day, good team work and objectives going on so far.
  10. Hey all, I know i've been AFK for a bit now, a lot going on in life between work and family. I've been working a lot of long days and trying to get some stuff done at home, it seems like every free minute I get goes the kids, fixing cars or doing something to secure my next job(I am military and retire in 18 months). I'm not trying to avoid anyone it's just playing video games is not something I've been able to slip away and do lately, thank you Cankill for checking in on me every other weekend, it is appreciated. I'll try to get on this weekend if I can. I'm sure you all understand sometimes life gets in the way of fun.
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5VmjL0fKXuvX1hnVUgxUW9sUEU/view?usp=sharing - Case https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5VmjL0fKXuvZUo2cFRLZWJPQUE/view?usp=sharing - zippos This link is specifically for the Case Knife selection it is only 6 megs and the zippos, which is 2 megs, these are not my prices, my prices will be much lower than these especially on the expensive knives. I am still working out all the details on prices, but this is the basics of how it works. I can get them for roughly half of what you see here, but I have to order 100 bucks at a time and I pay them shipping which varies on size of course, but lets say it's a 100 dollar knife so I get it for 50 and 50 bucks of other small stuff so my shipping cost is 12 bucks, so like maybe 3-5 for this specific knife, so I'd add 5 bucks to the price bringing it up to 55, then for me to ship it probably same deal gonna cost between 3-5 for the small ones so that's 60 bucks and I need to make a small profit on it so it'd be like 65 for 100 dollar knife. I will try to get it as cheap as possible for anyone here and I understand I can't always compete with amazon and other online places but I will try and my feelings won't be hurt if no one orders from me or tells me they can get it cheaper, by all means, my goal here is to provide to people I know and not rip them off. I mean yeah I'm trying to make money but right now this is a hobby job not my lifeline so feel free to ask any questions about any products show me the prices you are seeing it at and I'll tell you what I can do for you. I'd rather make $1 here or there than my prices set to make $10 and I only sell one thing every few months. Thanks for the interest guys and I hope I can help someone here down the road.
  12. Hmm should just be a PDF file. Completely redid the look of the website starting to get some products put up on there.
  13. remind me never to trade with this frost guy he seems like a real pain to deal with, and I'm betting he's got a bunch of keys too.
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5VmjL0fKXuvZm02Tm9MS1o2bUE/view?usp=sharing This file is 327 MB and 1300 pages long. here is the main catalog I use, these ARE NOT the prices I charge. These are the prices recommended by blueridgeknives, the wholesaler I use. I will do much better than these prices, depending on how much the item costs me and how much total you want. What I mean is if it is a 10 dollar item and I am paying 5-6 for it I'm not going to make much of a profit at all so probably 8. But if it's a 100 dollar item and I can get it from 50-60 I will probably be willing to get it to you for 65-75. Of course shipping comes into play and on a lot of this stuff if you live in Canada, sorry Cankill, it is usually cheaper to deal with someone like Amazon or a Canadian retailer than I can ship to you. I am out of the US and will ship the cheapest possible with tracking and insurance on the item. Small folding knives usually ship for 3-4 bucks. I'd rather make 5 bucks here and there than 0 bucks so I am willing to go as low as I need to go without ripping either one of us off, I can't always compete with Amazon and the like but I will beat most things sold in a store like Capella's and even a lot of Walmart prices.