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  1. Appreciate it thank you. Have as yet to catch up with Zip to get the info, but I will...Thanks again.
  2. [Part 1 - Biographic Info]In-game name: Crow626 Real Name (optional): MorganSex: MalelDate of Birth: 19820417Location (city/state): Saint Peters, MoE-mail Address: forsaken.crowx82@gmail.comSteam ID# (optional) (type "status" in console to see this. example: 0:0:16630461): Steam Community Page (optional):Xfire ID (optional):What other games besides Ps2 do you play? Division 2, SCUM, Monster Hunter World, Anthem, Ghost Recon WildlandsHave you read and agree to abide by W]M[D's Code of Conduct (Y/N): Yes[Part 2 - Planetside 2 specific]How long have you been playing ? Played heavily in Planetside 1. Now playing whenever possible with Planetside 2 after a 2yr break from it.List your best class: Engineer/Combat Medic/MAXWhat are your usual playtimes? 1700 - 2230 Central USDo you have a working microphone and voicechat capabilities? YesWill you be joining our TeamSpeak server on a regular basis and making an effort to get to know the W]M[D community? Yes[Part 3 - Detailed Questionnaire]Who referred you? How did you find out about us? Zipperbag MaDawgDo you play on our public servers regularly? If so, which one(s)? NoWhy did you choose to apply to W]M[D, Planetside 2 outfit WMDG? Met some pretty good guys worth playing with.What can you offer our clan? What qualities will make you a valuable member of our community? Different outlook with a positive attitude and determination. Obsolutely can't stand drama and the elitist attitude, usually try to avoid it.Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself. Such as what kind of work you do, what school you go to, your interests, or how you spend your free time (besides gaming): Spending time with my kids and prior military service.