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As you all know, its the first of the month, and our server payments are due. I have listed below a breakdown of our costs associated with running this clan, and hopefully you all will see how important your donations are, regardless of how much you can contribute. Here are our costs:

W]M[D The BoneYard $45.00 USD

W]M[D The FunHouse $36.00 USD

W]M[D The FratHouse $33.75 USD - I will pay this for my contribution $7.95 USD 14.95 per month

Aug. Donations to date: 25.00

This does not included our BattleField2142 server, which Draino maintains and takes donations for. Some of you might see, the FratHouse server is 12 dolllars cheaper than the Boneyard. Clutchkill gave us a 25% discount for running 3 servers, which is awsome, but our monthly total for our enjoyment is 137.65, which isnt that bad considering we run 3 popular servers and have 2 website hosting packages, which we use the clutchkill one for map downloads and such. However, we might have to up our clutchkill website hosting package to 14.95 to accomodate for the bandwith we are using. We will have to wait until about the middle of the month to see how we are doing.

So if you got a few extra bucks, please donate to the kitty now. I am going to go ahead and get these invoices paid, but anything you can donate helps tremendously, whether it be $5.00 or $50.00. All contributions are appreciated by us all, and it helps ensure that we are around for many many years to come. If you dont know how to contribute, there is a link in the site navigation block on our main page, on the left hand side. Just click the link, and it will direct you to paypal. Its simple and very secure.

Again, thank you all for those who have, and those who continue to contribute.


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hey gman just a suggestion i know we have a one off paypal donation button but what if we had a monthly donation button too so you can people can setup regular monthly/wweekly payments as i would like to do this as its easier for me and i woyuld not forget and im sure would be easier for you too would have to crack the whi when server payments come due? what you think heres a link to info on paypal

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First and formost, server payments are due tommorrow. If you got some extra dough, stick it in the kitty.

Second, im sorry for my inactivity. My son has been having 3 hour baseball practices (first year of pitch) for 5 days a week, and I have entered a team in a local league as well. Im gonna be pretty busy with that and working two jobs for the next couple of weeks. I still read the forums but not much time for anything else. after May 2nd, ill be much much more free.

On another note, anyone got any good used softball equip they want to sell?

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Ok, I put up a donation option on the homepage - I know it screwed up the spacing on the homepage, and that will get fixed. But in the meantime, you can use that to donate. Pharma, I think you used something called 'clan pay' before, but I dont know what happened to the link, maybe someone else can jump in on that one.

I hope everyone can contribute a little something! Thanks guys.

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