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Awwww. Sweethearts is coming up. How is that ian?

Used to be good but sucks now.

For everyone who doesn't know, it's the "couples" dance around Valentine's Day. Because of "concerns" last year they only played one slow song. ONE SLOW SONG. AT A COUPLES DANCE.

I was kinda angry, because the rest was hip-hop and ©rap. :(

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With the apparent need to add some sorta Title or Description to what these two individuals

might actually be thinking....................I thought Id add to the FUN and put up an image for

the sole purpose of doing just that..............

So for those of you whom might be interested, simply right-click and save the image and

add your idea of what these two are saying with their Body language but arent actually

making it verbal.............. But Please, be nice and Keep it Clean, the girl here seems to be a

decent Kid so just 'cause Yammz is a bit of a Crash-Test Dummy doesnt mean

we gotta take

it out on her............


Do Not Use, This Image is Only an Example:


Use this Image:

Right-Click and Save As:


Remember, Make us Laugh by adding something funny in the form of Text.

Good Luck and Yes Yams, you can Play too....

C Ya,



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