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Just a,

Reminder of our Groups Forum Rules for The Posting of Comments, New Topics, Images, etc......

Some have become a little too relaxed in their consideration for others, so before having

to remind someone on an individual basis, I thought it better to simply place a reminder here

for all to review and become re-accustomed with........


Sometimes things are allowed to slip, but for some it has become all too common and

it seems to appear in every post they generate......So Please review your posting prior

to it being saved and be a little more considerate of others and their views.........

Im not pointing anyone out and ya'll already know we are fairly leanient on this, but I just

wanted to place a reminder here for everyone to see so that thing dont get outta hand.......

A Simple

and Basic rule to follow is this,

"If you won't say it to your Mothers Face then it's likely not allowed here!"



W]M[D’s Website/ Forums are the home of the Clan and is to be conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

Respect for clan mates is necessary.

1. No excessive flaming or taunting of clan mates will be tolerated.

2. No derogatory references to race, gender, religious belief or sexual preferences are allowed.

3. Please be nice, don't argue

4. No cursing

5. No posting of illegal content or pornographic content

6. Don't abuse Private Messages

7. Friendly competition and rivalry is encouraged, as are jokes. Make sure your comments are

in good taste and please don't offend.

8. Thread farming is prohibited. Old threads may be used for informational purposes only.

If an old thread is found to be useful to the clan, then they may be used in an appropriate manner.

9. These Basic Rules also apply to your posting in Forums other than W]M[D forums. Those

found to be breaking the rules in W]M[D forums may be subject to one of the following,

up to termination of the clan.


Thanks for Your Cooperation and have fun Posting.......




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Hi Johnny Ray,

Nice job, we all need to be reminded once and a while and you did it with class, so thanks!

And I will pass on "love you line", :secretsmile: it's just not me.


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