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W]M[D Leadership List

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Most of you know some of the WMD admins, but many probably wonder how the power structure works here at WMD. Hopefully this post will answer some of those questions, and introduce you to some of the people you may not know who are looking out for you behind the scenes.

First, it is necessary to acknowledge our dedicated website admins, SnpBond and FernFerret. These guys have saved our butts more times than I can count; they are professional; they give countless hours of their time doing difficult work for us; and they rarely get recognized. We consider these guys our Site Heroes. When you see them, bowing isn't inappropriate.

Next, our two main games, TF2 and BF3, have set people who are considered to be the "go-to" people. If you have a question, a concern, or a grievance, these are the people that should be your first recourse. These are also the folks who will lead matches/scrims, and also deliberate on various questions that come up concerning gameplay. They are:

TF2 Division

Server Admin - FernFerret
Server Admin - SnpBond

Server Admin - Frost
Recruiter - Frost

Recruiter - SmokingMan

Community Event Manager - Lord Hemlock

Competition Manager - Doctor Dendrite


*Shoutcasters* - Umbrafire and Lord Hemlock and Ajax  :) 

BF4 Captains



BF4 Recruiter - SoulCrusher

Finally, there are a group of people, many of whom go largely unnoticed and unappreciated, who are in charge of the overall health of the clan. These persons are designated 'Council Members.' They make fewer decisions than the game Captains - however, their decisions tend to be much more difficult. Behind the scenes they deliberate on such matters as the overall direction of the clan, the overall structures and rules of the clan, and, if any dispute/grievance were to occur between WMD members or between members and outsiders, they make the final judgment, and their arbitration is binding. Many of these Council members have been a part of the original core group of WMD since its inception. These people are:

WMD Council Members


And, of course, as most of you know, SuthernKumfort is WMD's founder, and designated King Choob.

These people are all very approachable, should you have any questions or concerns. In other words, these people are at your service - make good use of their leadership!

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