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It's important to remember that every action has consequences. Unfortunately we live in a world where your actions can have immediate, unpredictable, and extreme consequences so I guess the lesson is choose your actions, like the content of your jokes and where you make them, wisely.

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One of the guys she got fired has a couple small children he's trying to support. 


Can you imagine what she would do to me if she overheard me telling some pg-13 jokes with my buddies at the conference?



Here's the point that I find the most ironic (out of the many ironies in this story). True feminism - that is, the way reputable feminism started, was about empowering women, and breaking down the stereotypes that suggested that women weren't tough enough to survive in the business world. You know the stereotypes I'm talking about, the one which says that women are too fragile to be out in the real world and so they should stay protected at home. And then this woman actually encourages that stereotype by completely falling apart over a joke she eavesdropped. Gone is the "girl power", as she melts into a puddle of outrage. She claims to be so offended and wounded that she immediately cries out for help and for authorities to intervene and "save her" and other weak girls from the oppressors. In other words, she becomes the very thing true feminism should be distancing itself from.






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