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Dr Strangechicken

strange gets stranger

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Basically an ISO, Still looking for:


Strange Grenade Launcher

Strange Huo Long Heater

Strange or Strange Festive sapper

Strange Sandwich

Strange Caber


less important:

Strange flare gun

Strange Reserve Shooter

Strange Bonk Punch

Strange Solemn Vow

Strange Crusader's crossbow


Strange Parts:


1 Gib Kills

1 Headshot Kills

1 Domination Kills



1 posthumous kills

1 point-blank kills

1 fires survived

1 projectiles reflected

1 Heavies killed

1 Snipers killed

1 Engineers Killed

2 Posthumous Kills

1 Medics Killed

1 Sappers Removed

1 Airborne Enemies Killed

1 Kills while Ubercharged

2 Allies Extinguished



Killstreak items:


Cheaper killstreak kits for melee items i bottle, fanowar, wrench, gloves of running, axtinguisher, disciplinary action, solemn vow.



edit: only 1 key left atm.

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