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In-game name: Coraline

Real Name (optional): Nessa

Sex: boobs

Date of Birth: 1989

Location (city/state): Greenwich, CT

E-mail Address:

Steam ID # 0:1:21301279

Steam Community Page:

What other games besides Team Fortress do you play? Borderlands 2, Killing Floor, The Ship,  The Left 4 Dead's.

Have you read and agree to abide by W]M[D's Code of Conduct (Y/N): Y

[Part 2 - Team Fortress Specific]

How long have you been playing TF2? I played in 08, stopped playing for 2 years, came back earlier this year.

List your 3 best classes: Soldier, Sniper, Demo.

What are your usual playtimes? Night times!

Do you have a working microphone and voicechat capabilities? Unfortunately for you, yes.

Will you be joining our TeamSpeak server on a regular basis and making an effort to get to know the W]M[D community? I already do these things.

[Part 3 - Detailed Questionnaire]

Who referred you? How did you find out about us? DD and Frost...constantly.

Do you play on our public servers regularly? If so, which one(s)? Not regularly, but if it's up and people I know are on it, I'll hop in.

Why did you choose to apply to W]M[D? I had enough of Frost's nagging. And I like you guys n gals.

What can you offer our clan? What qualities will make you a valuable member of our community? Arts and headaches!!  

Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself. Such as what kind of work you do, what school you go to, your interests, or how you spend your free time (besides gaming): Well I like to paint, I'm going to school for Graphic Design, I love animals more than children, I'm studying Korean (just because it's the easiest language I've tried to learn), I work for a bank and and and and when I have free time I like to have pillow fights to kpop & paramore in footie pajamas. I'm not that interesting, i dunno what to say, sheesh.

[Part 4 - Applicants Under the Age of 18]

We are mostly an 18 and older clan, but occasionally we will make an exception when a younger applicant shows maturity beyond their years. Applications from people under 18 will typically take longer to process as we like to get a little more information about you before we grant you official recruit status. You should continue to play on our servers so we can get to know you while you are waiting for official recruit status. It's also important to note that the process for recruits under the age 18 is indefinite, which means that it can take much longer to become a full member. If this sounds reasonable to you, then go ahead and submit an application.

As an applicant under the age of 18, You must agree to the following:

- Act in a mature and respectful manner to all members of the W]M[D community.

- Follow instructions from Captains and other full W]M[D members. Never interrupt a Captain when they are giving out instructions.

- React in a positive manner when members give you suggestions, feedback, or criticism.

- Understand that W]M[D is an adult community and that members should be treated as you would treat any other adult. To put it simply, we aren't your friends from school.

- Know the difference between when it's ok to goof around and when it's time to be serious.

- Recruitment can take much longer for younger applicants, do not keep asking when you will be voted in.

Do you agree to follow these rules and accept that a failure to do so will result in your expulsion from the clan? (Y/N):


Yes. I'm not under 18, but I do have the mentality of a 14 year old boy sometimes.

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Cora choob, we accept your application to become a recruit. Go ahead and put on the little girl tags - w]m[d, until the clan has a chance to vote on your application. You already know a lot of us, but just keep hanging out and adding other WMD members. You like Kpop? Stay away from K, or at least don't tell him that, cuz he'll try to marry you.


Keep in mind that you have to be somewhat nice to people to get them to vote "yes" on your application.


I suppose I'll have to vote yes when the time comes only because you painted me this sweet profile pic:


See you in game!

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First off, it was Arc that corrupted me into the kpop culture. So I plead forced peer pressure on that one since I was sent links non stop and made to watch videos and shows like Invincible Youth and Running Man.


Secondly, I won't creep her out and propose until I see just how good of a pillow fighter she is. But at least she'll already get my vote for membership just to have someone else annoy you Frost.



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I am thrilled at the opportunity to increase the size of my harem, so I vote 1000% "yes" on this!


It's about time you applied, babycakes!  <3


I'd also like to commission one of your beautiful digital drawings.  Here's some inspiration:

  • a spy (RED or BLU, doesn't matter to me)
  • that's considerably more jacked than the stock source model (think bulging guns and fierce nips that show through a three-piece suit!)
  • with giant, exposed junk (gotta be realistic #VEINS) and, here's a chance to get artistic: a dead ringer w/gold chain tied around it.  This can be either pre- or post-scrotum, lady's choice.
  • the expression on the face should be either:
    • menacing/rape..y
    • or puzzled, as if he can't decide between rape/kill or kill/rape.
  • and, a lit cigarette (duh!)


The payment for this would be somewhere in the 2 scrap - 2 keys range, depending on how much it makes *my junk* tingle.


Umm, thanks?




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Yes yes, Bommie is my complete favorite as well. I love her voice and personality. Sunny from SnSd is a very close second with Luna from F/X third. And I will admit to having a man crush on T.O.P. I admire any guy who could honestly pull off being a Bond villain. Christopher Lee is my third all time favorite actor simply because Man With the Golden Gun is my favorite Bond movie. Tim Roth and Daniel Day-Lewis being 1 and 2 respectively.


But anyways I slapped that gif on my sig to try and either have the rest of these nubs tremble in awe or annoy them since they seem to have deemed me with being the kpop fanatic in the clan. And maybe when my work schedule dies down and I feel like playing TF2 again I can actually see you in game and get me some Cora kills. If you only played medic though. I like picking on medics especially ones that try to hide behind Frost.

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I'd like to point out that none of this would have happened if Coraline and I wouldn't have had the same soldier loadout one day a few months ago. You're all welcome. Payments are accepted any time.


I think you should have to pay us for bringing her around DD. I'm not sure if the rest of you have found this out yet, but she's kindof a bully. Just ask Bones.

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Hijack is such an ugly, offensive word Oxide. It was bound to happen that Frost was going to get jealous in this thread and fight for my attention and affections. And he's the one that started the whole thing. So it's clearly just his fault. I'm just an innocent by stander caught in the middle.


And just think, in Yams philosophy, as long as we just keep posting in Cora's thread even if off topic and derailed or "hijacked" it only means how popular she is...... :unsure:


For those unaware of the reference and have 3 hours to kill looking at a forum thread

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