Tank vs. Tank action on Golmud Railway

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Overall technique looks pretty good.  Just a couple of questions and two observations.

  1. You almost never repair your vehicle to full health, almost always stopping at 98%.  Any particular reason for this?
  2. Near the end you seem to have adopted my unique brail method of driving around point G.
  3. Your shells (staff and Sabot) seem to reload really fast, but you didn't have autoloader equipped?  Especially with the first two shells that you fired, switched to the secondary and immediately fired.  Any trick to this?
  4. As much time as you spend in the steel underwear, I almost may have to start calling you Draino.

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1)  I'm pretty confident that I can take out just about any normal tank driver even if I'm around 70% health. Most of my deaths come from outside the tank (e.g. sniped while repairing). So I usually "dance" while repairing, and then I rarely repair to 100%. Remember, vehicle regen kicks in after a bit to pick up any slack.


3) That is without autoloader perk. In my opinion, there is no better perk for tank than active protection, and its why I often can go up against tanks 1 vs. 2 . You're right, the Staff / Sabot combo works really well. The downside is its very difficult to kill infantry because there is almost no infantry splash damage with tank shells (there's even less in BF4, than there was in BF3). For large tank battles I always stick with the 2 shell combo, but for infantry heavy maps (e.g. Zavod on rush), its better to switch to the heavy coax.


4) Please don't call me Draino. Not even in jest. No one deserves that.


(One other trick that didn't show up in this video is this: When you spot a tank who doesn't see you right away, get in position, then hop out and fire 1 rpg shot, then hop into your tank to immediately fire your tank shell. Its a quick 1-2 punch, and an easy way to get 2 shots into him before he can take his first retaliation shot. And keep in mind that your RPG will reload while you're in the tank)

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The one good thing about the sabot shell is how fast and true it flies. It makes it a lot easier to hit infantry targets. You really don't have to lead them or account for any bullet drop. The downside is your using up ammo for vehicles.


And the instant fire is a built in trick to the staff shell, Deadmeat. There is a little delay from when you can fire it after you switch to it so by that time your sabot shell has reloaded making an instant one two punch.

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