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Im pretty sure most would agree that its not the best time to purchase a new monitor. ie. G-Sync equipped coming soon etc..


However I just read about these monitors in Battle-log.  I believe its worth at least knowing about the "features".  The FPS model is credited w doubling 120Hz refresh.  But since quite a few enjoy quality over what could amt to a gimmick;  I think the RTS model is worth mention.  /Quote EIZO developed Smart Insight technology to vastly improve visibility in dark areas of the screen.


Im barely aware of the products name, so this isnt an endorsement of any kind.


Note!  I almost didnt post after finding out via youtube that FS2333 has been out awhile (I never heard of the Man/model)  and then I couldnt really find a good review site regarding the FPS model.  Now I did find this gamers review >>


p.s.  I would hope to see Linus do a review similar to this video

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Here's your in-depth review for the FG2421.


All around a good panel for gaming, fast response times. Color reproduction is a little less than ideal but it's not made for graphics design! Interesting that it is a Sharp Panel in it, maybe some other monitors on the market with a similar panel...

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Hey Snp   The link is much appreciated!


I would think its best for you or one of the other gurus to actually comment on screen production, But Im pretty sure I recall seeing something to the effect that there is actually only three company's that produce the actually screen (past a certain size)  I want to say above 40 or possibly 50in. 


Is anyone familiar with this so called cross-hatching?  I read a review via Newegg from an actual owner who complained, and its mentioned in the review.  I was under the impression that its possible some are bad, but the review seems to indicate that its present on a "good" monitor.  I guess the actual question would be something like..  Can the monitor be returned, similar to having an excess of dead pixels?



p.s.  If we looked at bang for the buck, wouldnt you agree the ASUS 144mhz is hard to beat (on sale anyway)  obviously aside from the color detail of an IPS



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It is a huge topic to get in to, cross-hatching doesn't necessarily come from the panel itself. There was a Dell IPS display with a special anti-glare coating that caused cross-hatching issues. The severity of the issue (which by the way means you will see pixel-lines on the screen, a white background may have vertical/horizontal lines on it) varies from monitor to monitor.


The general rule of thumb is to get a monitor with a decent response time (personally I shoot for anything under 5MS [again this depends on the rating as many companies list the Gray-To-Gray response time which is always much lower at 1ms or less!]) and semi-decent color reproduction in a size that you are looking for in the budget that you want.


Personally the color reproduction was more important to me so I opted for an IPS display ( and have never looked back!


I should say - no matter what panel you find, that site has great resources and often provides calibration settings that you can plug into your monitor for the best experience, that's what I ended up doing.

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