What happens *after* the Boneyard dies for the evening.

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After Reggetti and Bolar Pear both log off at the same time (apparently, they're super into each other or something #noonetoldme), the mass exodus began.  Oxide, Smokey, DD, Bob...everybody left me in a 2v2 on pl_badwater.


The BLU Team:

HawtTuna (Soldier)

A pyro that taunted continuously while riding the cart to victory



My team on RED:

Me (Demoman and, later, as Solly)

Saber (as the Spy Who Did Nothing and Let Tuna Beat the Living Crap out of Me)



Ordinarily, this would be fine.  I'd have yet another horrible round and then log off for the night.  This morning, I found this treasure in my YouTube subscription box:


You, and the whole world, can watch Tuna humiliate me for about four minutes.  He's evil.  Apparently, all the time he spent on those jump maps paid off.  On the plus side, he used replay, so there's no HUD or kill feed.




P.S.   Saber, you can go #%$& yourself.

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