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we were asked to put a couple pics up from the IRL hangout saturday and i am too lazy to put the pictures up in this space (they were too large i guess) so i just linked to the few i had.  the other participants should tack theirs on as comments.


there were many beers, tacos and good times had by all.  (the more the merrier next time as well)

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I didn't picture Cheez-it as 40 year old asian man, but I guess it makes sense.


Just because I don't have "Azn" in my name like other clan members?!?  That's just racist!  Do I need to make an effort to sound more Asian on teamspeak?  Please advise.


40 years old?  I know I'm starting to get up there in age, but I feel like I should protest how inflated your estimate is!  I hope that we get to meet up IRL sometime, Xalerwons.  I will show you what "40 years" of roofie expertise looks like.

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