Mr.Doge831 Application

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[Part 1 - Biographic Info]

In-game name: Mr.Doge831

Real Name (optional): Jose

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 10/19/1998

Location (city/state): Santa Cruz, CA

E-mail Address:

Steam ID # (type "status" in console to see this. example: 0:0:16630461): 1:170424958

Steam Community Page (example:http://steamcommunit...561197993526650):

What other games besides Team Fortress do you play? Minecraft, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, Gmod and other games i feel are fun to me

Have you read and agree to abide by W]M[D's Code of Conduct (Y/N): Yes

[Part 2 - Team Fortress Specific]

How long have you been playing TF2?

I started almost a year ago

List your 3 best classes:

Spy, Scout, Pyro

What are your usual playtimes?

Usually play Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Weekends around the afternoons

Do you have a working microphone and voicechat capabilities? Yes

Will you be joining our TeamSpeak server on a regular basis and making an effort to get to know the W]M[D community?

Yes it would be a great experience to talk with other W]M[D Members.

[Part 3 - Detailed Questionnaire]

Who referred you? How did you find out about us? People who can refer me: Bones, Byazzie, Hemlock

I met Bones,Byazzie,and TSM first because i played a pub and they were on, and i was amazed at their teamwork and how they were when i friended them, very nice and open to me.

Do you play on our public servers regularly? If so, which one(s)? No but ill start playing on the server

Why did you choose to apply to W]M[D?

From the friends ive made so far the clan seems

very accepting and great for anyone

What can you offer our clan? What qualities will make you a valuable member of our community?

Since im younger i just like to have a good time

and make others feel accepted and enjoy themselves while we game.

Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself. Such as what kind of work you do, what school you go to, your interests, or how you spend your free time (besides gaming):

Well i usually draw, read and spend time with my family. I currently go to high school as a junior and trying to study for a career in graphic design.

[Part 4 - Applicants Under the Age of 18]

We are mostly an 18 and older clan, but occasionally we will make an exception when a younger applicant shows maturity beyond their years. Applications from people under 18 will typically take longer to process as we like to get a little more information about you before we grant you official recruit status. You should continue to play on our servers so we can get to know you while you are waiting for official recruit status. It's also important to note that the process for recruits under the age 18 is indefinite, which means that it can take much longer to become a full member. If this sounds reasonable to you, then go ahead and submit an application.

As an applicant under the age of 18, You must agree to the following:

- Act in a mature and respectful manner to all members of the W]M[D community.

- Follow instructions from Captains and other full W]M[D members. Never interrupt a Captain when they are giving out instructions.

- React in a positive manner when members give you suggestions, feedback, or criticism.

- Understand that W]M[D is an adult community and that members should be treated as you would treat any other adult. To put it simply, we aren't your friends from school.

- Know the difference between when it's ok to goof around and when it's time to be serious.

- Recruitment can take much longer for younger applicants, do not keep asking when you will be voted in.

Do you agree to follow these rules and accept that a failure to do so will result in your expulsion from the clan? (Y/N):  Yes

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Thanks for applying Doge,


We accept your application for recruitment. Go ahead and wear the recruit tags (lower case w]m[d). If we are playing in a pub server without our tags, its okay if you leave them off. We very, very rarely accept recruits under the age of 18, but we are doing so this time since you have 2 people recommending you. Please know, however, that under 18 recruits usually will have a slightly longer recruitment period, just to make sure that you fit in with us. So be patient! If you stick with it, you will be brought to a vote at some point in the future. Try to get to know as many people as you can, because the whole clan will have a chance to vote for you. :)


You already have many of us added on steam, and you have the Teamspeak info. Be sure that you've read our Code of Conduct carefully (its not just a formality). And if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or another player on steam.

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