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Part 2 (new Build)

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I almost forgot link for actual part is much appreciated!



p.s.  Just in case!  Because it is kinda a dated Rig..


I must say that devils canyon having already been OC'd, and requiring slightly less expensive (but abundant) Mobos is eye-catching..


However, Im interested in all the parts to build LGA -2011 V3 @ >16 PCI express lanes.



Personally Im not interested in another sound overlay type setup.  (Currently my Soundblaster is software based)  It works Yes, but Id much rather it bang hard and non-stop and not be the weakest link..


Im also okay w the Killer Lan, if it includes a seperate Intel (dual)



It might be worth knowing that I probably wont upgrade again for awhile, and at best will consider a video card update.


So yeah, if ya know any specifics ie. Direct X12 capable or fully supported (its probably a big plus)


I know Im gonna be missing out on the next PCI express 4.0, but new cards is expensive too..  So, it may be awhile before I would care to have one



Feel free to list suggested Case's and fans and especially suggested CPU fan/heatsink.


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I went the 1150 route, although I don't really grasp all the latest PCI express info..


(afaik the 1150 allows for 16 3.0 lanes, but has additional 2.0 lanes   ie. My lone video card runs at 3.0 x 16, while SSD/sound would use 2.0) 



I will try an upload a pic or two at a later date if desired.  I was gonna post one now from the assembly process, but it wasn't so pretty.  (just checked, it was blurry)  :o


Overall it looks pretty tight because theres not much cabling to be seen..  No CD-Rom for instance  (installed OS via USB)



4790K (over 4GHz stock) w/ Noctua U9S


Maximus VII Hero


16GB G.Skill Trident


Samsung 850 EVO




SoundBlaster Z


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