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AMD Fury (not X)

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Theres been some talk on TeamSpeak involving the latest video cards..  Basically aside from some $2,000 Titan card (Z, Black, or something) I don't believe anyone is too confused about the top dog (980 Ti)  The point of my post, and the link provided involves Bang for your buck performance (imho)




This Fury card, and or one of the various instances, supplied by vendors could be quite helpful in continuing to provide us gamers w/ choice's in video cards.. AMD is kinda not doing so well, lower than anticipated sales   



Reportedly NVidia may have lowered some prices ($20, which I havnt seen tbh)  I also want to point out that Im not implying buying AMD, just for the sake of future choice..



Ideally, I would hope to see sales of the Fury exceed expectation, thus (hopefully) imploring AMD to put in some time n money into Drivers..  Personally I would suspect aside from OC'ing NVidia cards, were probably quite close in seeing their tremendous performance levels.  (tbh, Im not sure AMD R&D was actually ever able to get every drop of power out of the 290's)



As it is now, I would just suggest keeping an open mind if looking to upgrade in the near future.  Theres always a chance that Labor Day, brings some awesome deals..




p.s.  The performance margin (unbiased review?) may be greater at other sites.  Technically Hexus isn't my fav, but it is a site that I don't just ignore...




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