Positioning, the key to success

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Getting positional advantage is, in my opinion,  a lot better than pure raw skill. You can be a monster and just come out on top of a solo 1v3 but not everyone is an aim machine like Faze Scream. We are, unfortunately, human and every professional and higher ranked players is also human.

Sometimes you can't change the fact that you're not aiming well but you can however work on positioning a lot more easily. If you position yourself behind cover versus an aim machine, you have a chance to take them out and come out on top of the fight.

I'll go over an example of KOTH, defending, and attacking



Starting things off is Nepal - Sanctum
The objective is to capture the point and hold it, but, you don't need to be on the point. Behind pillars is high ground advantage (marked by the red arrow), pillars to hide behind and take shots at the enemy, and a med pack outside.
There's also a way to completely sandwich the enemy team if they try to capture the point (marked by the blue arrow). It is completely safe from being knocked off the edge (unless you YOLO jump the gap).
If the enemy take control of the inner room and try to flank, then you can exit out the other way (you can also take shots at them as they're out of cover).
If they take control of the inner room and then go down dropdown, well... they're trapped in there.

If you held the point and stood on it, you're wide open to anyone that goes behind pillars. You can get knocked off easily by Pharah's E or hooked by Roadhog by pillars. Hiding inside drop down... well... you're trapped unless you can jump back up.

The key points to take away from this,
Consider an "aftermath" position, is there...

  • High ground advantage
  • Cover
  • An escape option and a plan of attack

It's fine if the enemy touches the point, it's still your precious, they can touch it but they cannot has it



Next example is Route66
You want to slow down the enemy and stall as much time as you can, I get it, so let's hold them at their spawn.

While it's a sound plan but defense needs time to set up and get into position. It's very hard when offense is advancing forward and they want to contest positional advantage.
On top of that, there spawn is just right there (marked by the yellow squares), any damage defense does here is just healed back up when they walk back in.
Any players that die during this has to walk all the way back to the next hold which is quite far. Symmetra teleport is very valuable here but it's not always a possibility. On the flipside, offense spawn is pretty close still even if they do die at most defense buys themselves a few seconds to regroup before a push but what if it doesn't happen? is it still worth it? The risk is huge.
Also, the number advantage offense will have when people die on this hold. The rest of the team would have to hold the next area with a number disadvantage and there's no way they can fall back and get into a positional advantage when they're hot on the heels, looking for blood.


Ideally, defense just wants to take the set up time to actually set up in a position that's much better and that's generally close to the point.
Setting up here allows the majority of the team to be on high grounds. The only thing defense has to worry about is flanks from the left (winston) and right (reaper).
Stationing a player in those areas can scout for information and allow the high ground team to adjust accordingly.
Once everyone dies on defense, the entire defense team will respawn on the next point (ideally) and they can set up for the next hold as offense pushes in for the capture.

The key points to take away from this,
Defense requires time to set up and take high ground advantages
Don't bring the fight to your opponent, take advantage of your hometown turf!



This next example is what kind of position you want to take as offense. The map, Volskaya Industry

A bastion watching over the choke. Reinhardt shield blocking for the Bastion. Mccree on the roof (you can get there with some help). Zarya watching the blind spot of the Bastion. You may or may not have seen this position before.
While it seems like a very strong defensive position to have, I'll show you how to ideally break through it.


As the offense team gears up for a push. The Lucio speed boosts the team forward. In the front is D. Va boosting through and has defense matrix up soaking up the Bastion. The Winston jumps inbetween the Bastion + Reinhardt and the rest of the team and drops the bubble shield, cutting off their entire team from shooting in and helping out. With this, the offense team effectively cuts the defense team in half for a few seconds which is enough time for the rest of the team (Reaper and his imaginary friends) to come in and get the picks. The Winston however will keep the Mercy, Zenyatta, Zarya, Mccree occupied by doing monkey things.
In most choke point pushes, this is ideally the best way to push through after the hero limit. Before, you would have double Winston.
It's also very important, that you commit to this 100% and push forward to get behind the Reinhardt shield. A team that fights together, wipes together. Besides, if you survive, you'll have to wait for respawns anyway.

In this example you see meta heroes and compositions, unfortunately, it's the only effective way and why it's meta.

the key points to take away from this,
Meta is meta, as fun as Mei is, she doesn't provide anything for the team.

  • Meta composition: 2 dps, 2 supports, 1 tank, 1 "flex" that usually flexes into another tank.
  • Meta dps: Mccree, Reaper, Tracer, Genji
  • Meta supports: Lucio and Zenyatta (there's not a whole lot of supports)
  • Meta tanks: Winston, D. Va or Reinhardt (they interchange based on map), and Zarya (for defense counter-ultimate)

Go into the push 100% commited (but not too far and fast [don't go ham {don't overextend}]) and know what your role does
Know who to focus, front isolated targets first, then front most heroes (usually tanks [If a support or dps is infront of the tank then that hero first]), then every other hero behind the tank. In other words, pretend it's like an onion there's layers you need to peel off.

Also, I don't believe in the meta 100%, it's fine to have off heroes. All it means is that people need to put double the effort in trying to learn how to play with the off hero instead of stealing tech from others with meta heroes. BUT! I do believe in the meta composition of 2 dps, 2 supports, and 2 tanks.



Another attack example. The map, Hollywood.

In this example, it is a chokepoint but defense doesn't have a nice angle to hold the chokepoint.
The offense team wants to get high ground advantage by taking the blue arrow route to the balcony (Winston) and/or take the orange arrow route to wrap around (Tracer).
After offense holds positonal advantage, they can slowly push defense away (by spamming) or concave (surrounding) the enemy (brawling).
Hollywood is a great example because beyond this point is RNG land with the elevators going up and down on their own to get to high ground.

The key points to take away from this,
take map control and positional advantages


Terms (I don't even know if I used them or not)
Trade: An exchange of players, ideally you want a 1 for 1 trade (you kill one, they kill your teammate).
Scout/Spot: Keep watch over an area, you want to gather information for your team and not defend the area. You can back up (it's better to) but you can also take the fight.
Concave: Having an outline or surface that curves inward like the interior of a circle of sphere (from a dictionary).

I may or may not edit this for formatting and etc. but I'm tired, it's ~4:30 am EST lol

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