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Sean O

SeanO is Back

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I got back from Afghan in June and immediately had to pack my things for the movers. I now live in Okinawa, Japan and will be here for the next 3 years. I just got my computer back today so you guys should see me online again and back in the chat room. Let me know if we changed our VoIP please.


Look forward to some good gaming.

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Hey Sean

Its almost canny how many people I talk to who have been stationed in Japan.  Keep us posted on your shopping experiences..  Ive seen and heard some interesting stuff like shoes labeled different brands..  I would expect some great deals on electronics..  fwiw It used to be stuff like Bose twr speakers.  maybe black market CPU's?  (just teasin)

When ya get a chance, would ya check into local greetings..  I work with a guy who was trying to explain some, and one of em sounds like Ohio (think its a morning greeting, but only in the North or something) 

Anyway its good too hear from ya.  hopefully catch ya guys in PS2 or 7d2d soon


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