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What are we playing now?

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Hey all, been a while since I was on here.  I now have a computer that can play games.  So whats everyone playing these days? I'm hoping I can jump in at some point but i should probably update my gaming library lol.

Talk to you all soon


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Hey Gerrit!

10% - Guildwars 2

20% - Overwatch

10% - TF2

10% - 7 days to die

20% - Destiny 2

5% - PUBG

5% - Planetside 2

20% - Hibernating

Lawnchair - Soulcrusher

Rest - Misc. smaller games


This was off the head and not (surprise surprise) a scientific survey. We're all over the place at the moment.

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I might be giving up on Battlefield.  Currently DICE really hosed the team balance in BF1.   I also understand the future games all going "microtransaction" oriented and focusing on pissing players off so they'll hopefully be motivated to spend more money.  There are odd tech patents that have been filed in that regard.  That's negative reinforcement to me.  Not gonna happen.  



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