Well, Finally got a new computer

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For over 6 years now, maybe longer, ive been without a system.  This Christmas my son asked for a new gaming computer and I grinned from ear to ear!  :D  I told him he has to let me use it to play with old friends.  (LONG OVERDUE)  Im hoping to be on some this weekend.  We are going to buy Overwatch, and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam tomorrow  (Friday) I believe.  Sure hope to catch some old friends on this weekend if work allows me the time off!  If you see my boy on line (trendenburner is his steam name I believe) introduce yourself and add him to your friends list... If there is such a thing!

On another note, I think im about ready to build MYSELF a new gaming rig.  Im looking at the Ryzen 5 1600.  I need to build the best budget gamer I can.  I have no clue on the video card as I am so out of the loop. 

Get ready bitches!  Soko's comin!  :D


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SOKO  This is just my 2cents But as long as you ain't concerned w like 4K monitors n such  The current vid cards are pretty overpowered IMHO  Id really consider a somewhat sweet laptop which would provide peace of mind and quite a bit of eye candy and convenience Especially since you already have a system (sorta) This one may be just the ticket $329  

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