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Bastion aka Titan Update!

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Guys I know I can be quite subjective when I tout some things  So I'm just gonna say some might consider watching whatever you wind up finding on YouTube!  Basically, our "Outfit" earns progress capturing bases (including holding them) towards unlocking needed "materials" towards unlocking a Bastion  It's also worth noting some bases payout differently and are more valuable to own  Think we're close to a 1/4 way on earning a Bastion more or less  If we have at least five guys I think just two days could mean quite a bit  There are no upgrades on the Bastion AFAIK so it wreaks havoc on the battlefield in stock form  

It's worth noting that a planned colossal tank using the same "materials" will have some variants aside from the main gun which actually does damage to the tank itself when fired

Again it's a free game to play and now quite a few of the "pay" items can be earned/rewarded through play  Items like camo's/guns etc.  


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