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    Hope everyone enjoyed their summer.  Its back to school season and most schools have started or will start soon.  I know your all aware, ESPORTS have really exploded across the world and become more and more main stream.  There are even talks of ESPORTS IN THE OLYMPICS in 2024.  This goes down even to the local level, here where I am in Arizona, HIGH SCHOOLS WILL OFFER ESPORTS, and include a state championship.  Imagine telling your kids "Yea I lettered in sports and won a state championship in high school, playing video games."

    Gaming News

    BATTLE OF AZEROTH started on August 14th for all WoW players.  It even broke its own 1 day record of selling 3.4 MILLION COPIES. Wonder what will happen If Blizzard decides to make another MMO.  I thought of a possibility were Blizzard creates a new MMO where WoW merges with it so you have 3 factions, WoW, Starcraft, Diablo.   Wouldn't that be insane.

    There is a new game coming out next year, from the creators of THE WITCHER 3, you know what I am talking about CYBERPUNK 2077.  The game has only released some wallpapers, concept art, screenshots, and a nice trailer.  People say in the screenshots you can kinds of see what the combat will be like.  Either way it should be one incredible game.

    I read a great article about BATTLEFIELD 5 a couple of days ago which was someone who got to play the demo some and I got excited about.  Maybe this will be the game to bring WMD back together again for some good old PUBSTOMPING.

    Entertainment News

    August tends to be a time to push that last popcorn movie out such at MEG and MILE 22, and flood cable and internet ads with a bunch of trailers for the upcoming fall TV season.  One surprising hit was CRAZY RICH ASIANS.  Twitter and other sites seem to really love this movie.  I haven't seen it yet, but actually plan too. 

    Finally for the most demented movie to come out in a long time THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS.  For those who think TED was an edgy plush bear, think again after you watch this movie.  It's not going to win any Oscars, it will probably win RAZZIES, just watch THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS trailer and find out for yourself.

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