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    Battle On!!


    W]M[D Gaming is a community of people who have similar interests.  We play all variety of games, from MMO’s to tabletops.  Even enjoy watching movies in our Netflix channel.  Please poke around if interested.  I hope to get out some kind of article once a month, talking about the games we play and the shows we watch.

    The World of Games

    The game most are playing now tend to be scattered.  Could be DiabloOverwatch , even Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.  We tend to rally and come together when something new that will peak our interest.  Battlefield 5 recently was announced and maybe a bunch of us will get back into it and have some fun.  Personally I would like a sequel to Battlefield 2142, but we can dream right.  I always thought if they did a first person shooter type of game, wouldn’t be cool to be in the super power universe.  Overwatch is a close reality to it, but want more open environment in the Battlefield type of genre.

    The Video Entertainment.

    Hope everyone catches Incredibles 2.  The reviews are great. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom just started, Ant-Man and the Wasp next month.  Westworld is almost over, but most people are probably waiting for Games of Thrones to come back and finish off.  Did you hear HBO green lighted a Game Of Thrones Prequel, that will be a journey I am sure.

    Let’s talk again next month.  Have fun and keep on gaming.


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