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    Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!


    You may notice that things look a bit different around here. We decided it was past due to update our forum software, and Snpbond coordinated a website theme refresh at the same time! It will be a few days before all pages on the site are working properly, so bear with us while we finish the badly needed update. (A big thanks to Snpbond for the hours of work he's already put in, and he's not finished yet!).

    Most of you know that the Overwatch open beta enjoyed a high turnout by our clan members, and was very well received. At one point we had 24 people playing the game in our Mumble server at the same time (4 teams of 6)! And now we're eagerly awaiting the May 24 release date. For those of you who have a hard time waiting, let me recommend a very helpful Youtube series which goes over tips for each hero. You can find the playlist HERE.

    A few days ago DICE revealed the trailer for the newest upcoming Battlefield game, somewhat tongue-in-cheek dubbed "Battlefield 1" given its World War 1 backdrop. The trailer looks great (see HERE), and you can be sure we'll be keeping a close eye on this game in upcoming months, as we have with every other game in the BF franchise.

    While we wait for the release of the largest 2016 Triple-A games, you'll find our members building castles and zombie traps in the clan's 7 Days to Die server, or queuing up in TF2's beta matchmaking. The state of the clan today is strong, indeed stronger than it has been in awhile. If you're a clan member who hasn't been around in awhile, this would be a good time to get back into the scene. You'll always have a home here, and its important to note that the current crop of upcoming games has an unusually high emphasis on team-play and voice-chat coordination. We hope you'll join us in our Mumble server and continue to represent WMD as we approach the end of a full decade of gaming together. 

    - Frost


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