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    About what I spoke about last month with esports maybe being in the Olympics, the IOC decided that ESPORTS ARE TOO VIOLENT FOR THE OLYMPICS.  Evan though many of the Olympic events had the origins in violence, in today's time we don't kill each other for a medal.

    What I believe should happen is there be a separate Olympics just for esports.  Think about it, let's take all the esports games, from Super Mario Cart to CS:GO to Streetfighter, and gather the best players of from each countries teams and have a week of events.  If a League of Legends championship can sell out a stadium in hours I don't think they will have any trouble selling tickets to these events either.

    Gaming News

    The biggest news right now is Diablo.  DIABLO COMING TO NINTENDO SWITCH, a possible DIALBO ANIMATED SERIES COMING TO NETFLIX, and SEASON 15: BOON OF THE HORADRIM started on September 21.  I predict we will also hear about more Diablo news at Blizzcon.

    BATTLEFIELD 5 had their open beta the first week of September and a few of our members got to play.  Talking to them they seem to enjoy it.  It had some quirks, but that could have been just the beta, but it looks to be a good game.  EA shared some news on WHAT THEY LEARNED FROM BATTLEFIELD 5 OPEN BETA.  I hope I will be able to join others when its released on November 20th.

    I don't know if you heard but TELLTALE GAMES WILL BE CLOSING ITS DOORS.  The makers of some great adventure games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are ending.  They sure will be missed.

    Entertainment News

    It looks like DISNEY IS PLANNING TO SLOWDOWN THEIR STAR WARS OUTPUT.  Guess they and others feel like they might have over-saturated the movies with Star Wars and Solo was not as big a success as they hoped, after episode 9 you may only see a Star Wars movies every 2 or more years instead of once a year.

    Fall TV is starting up now, HERE IS A LIST OF THE BROADCAST PREMIERS if you're interested.  Personally I am interested in DOCTOR WHO STARTING ON OCTOBER 7TH with a brand new doctor.  I followed Doctor Who since Tom Baker and I hope this new doctor, played by JODIE WHITTAKER, reignites a whole new generations of WHOVIANS.

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