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    The past couple of months have seen a few big pieces of gaming news.  BLIZZARD announced a big gain in profits, then decided to lay off 800 employees.  When you look up different articles about this, it seems the company has changed from what it use to be a many years ago.  Honestly in 5 years BLIZZARD will probably be a different company than what we remember.

    APEX LEGENDS, this game came out of nowhere.   What I have read about it, even though its released on EA platform Origin, it is not an EA Game.  When EA bought RESPAWN, the makers of TITAN FALL, people thought what would come down from them.  Maybe another type of TITAN FALL game, or something like that, but what I hear is they went to EA and asked to do a different game.  EA at first said no, but they told them that EA doesn’t need to advertise it just let them do what they do and put the game on their platform.  Let RESPAWN take all the heat.  Well the rest is history, with no advertisement they just released it and boom the game exploded in a world of fun.  Its like they too the best parts from other battle arenas and combined them in a great.  I bet we see other games take on some of its aspects.

    If you saw the trailer last year about ANTHEM from BIOWARE, people thought this game was going have a chance to be game of the year.  Upon release last week its only about 50% good.  Talking to people who played it they say the same thing, its ok/good, just not a game that draws you in.  More like a game you put when nothing else to play.  Because of they wanted a better response, BIOWARE now has released a 90 DAY ROADMAP hope to tell people it will get better.  Time will tell.


    Of course, the big movie coming this year is AVENGERS: ENDGAME on April 26th, but we get to introduce ourselves to CAPTAIN MARVEL on March 8th.  What will happen to this universe.  I believe this will end phase 3 of Marvel, and the new phase 4 of Marvel movies start this summer with SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME on July 5th.  What changes will we see.

    Other notable movies coming, DUMBO March 29th, HELLBOY April 12th, JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM on May 17th.  These are just a few that I am interested in, but this spring and summer movies should be a big growth in the box office.

    Don’t know if you realize this but right now the highest grossing movie in the world at over $600 Million is not a US movie.  It’s THE WANDERING EARTH from China.  It was so well received that NETFLIX bought the STREAMING RIGHTS to it very quickly.  Unknown as to when it will be released here in the states and the concept is crazy, but I can’t wait to see it myself.  Love a good sci fi movie.


    I found I can find more news I like by doing this every other month instead of monthly. I hope to continue like this which seem easier.  I hope all of you are always having fun and keep on gaming and don't get to cold out their this winter.

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