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    What can we say about 2018 for gaming.  Here is a WIKI page that has all the releases and events of 2018 gaming.  I picked up BATTLEFIELD 5 myself and I am enjoying it.  With 2019 around the corner, here are couple of things I would expect.  First it will be interesting to see what is going to happen with BLIZZARD, don’t know if you heard, but ACTIVISION seems to be taking over.  Blizzard offering payouts to their Customer Service reps, to leadership changes.  HERE is an interesting reddit post that might explain a little about what is happening, but let’s see what this year has for us.

    We also got a NINTENDO SWITCH for Christmas SMASH BROS is awesome.  MECHWARRIOR 5 looks fun and they are making of live action movie of DYNASTY WARRIORS.  I know the movie will be all wire fu but I played all the games multiple times, so it will be fun just to watch.  KINGDOM HEARTS 3 will be fun plus a couple of other games on the horizons.  Be on the lookout.


    2019 will be a year of superhero movies.  M. Night Shyamalan movie GLASS will be one of the first.  But of course, we have CAPTAIN MARVEL which leads to AVENGERS: ENDGAME.  A new X-MEN movie, throw in another SPIDER-MAN movie and a little SHAZAM and JOHN WICK dropping more bodies, finally ending the year in STAR WARS.  When you get a chance, put down the game and go out for some dinner and enjoy a movie.


    I had a couple of rough years but now seeing my oldest going to college I have new hope.  Don’t let the politics get you down, if you want to complain make sure you vote too.  If you don’t like the movies out there, you can make your own now with your cell phone.  Steven Soderbergh did it with UNSANE.  Just have a little fun this year, go outside, play a board game with kids, EXPLODING KITTENS is fun.

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