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    Summer Gaming


    Summer is a time when everyone is out doing their own thing.  They may be on vacation, sunbathing, hiking, working, just doing whatever, until school starts.  Many of us here have full time jobs so working is big and not much a summer vacation.  But all in all hope you got in some good game playing time. 

    Summer can be a great stress reliever, well at least for me anyway, gaming takes you to a place where I can blow apart that monster and feel good about it.  I love coming home from a long day and just playing a few rounds of SMITE makes all the bad feelings go away.  I hope the same is with all you gamer's out there as well.

    Gaming News.

    Don’t know if you heard but Battlefield V Open Beta is coming in early September.  According to the article the closed beta did provide a lot of good feedback.  Let’s hope for the best and make for a fun game to play.

    Steam Summer Sale was last month.  I bought Divinity 2 to satisfy my RPG world.  Did you all pick up any good games?  Speaking of Steam Summer Sale, did you know Steam banned over 40K users on the day after the sale ended?  Some people just don’t learn.  With technology the way it is now, if you don’t get caught now someday you will.  Karma will also get you in the end.

    For the MMO players, World of Warcraft will release its new expansion on August 14th.  I was a long time player, now I only play when the mood hits.  This expansion though seems to bring back that old feeling of just Orcs vs Humans, could be a good thing.  Maybe I will pick it up sooner than later.

    Entertainment News.

    Did any of you catch Ant-Man and the Wasp?  Hope you stayed for the end credits scene, I feel like others in that is how the movie should have ended and not put it as an end credit scene.  

    I few of my friends saw Sorry To Bother You, it might be showing in your art house theater.  I haven’t seen it but hearing them talk about it and them saying it’s probably the best movie to come out all year.  I might have to go out and see it.

    Mission Impossible - Fallout comes out next week.  Early previews got good reviews.  You get to see Superman with his mustache. LOL




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