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    Well BLIZZCON seemed to be a bust.  Our hopes for some big DIABLO news was just a mobile game.  If you interested you can do some quick searching articles about how it went down.  I found a decent ARTICLE that explains kind of how I feel about the whole thing.  And saw a good YOUTUBE video on probably how it should have went down.  I agree with it that it would have satisfied us fans.

    Come on Blizzard, you could have thrown in the DIABLO NETFLIX announcement or a tease of a Diablo 2 Re-master.  Something instead of ending on a mobile game.  Like others said I only play a mobile game when I am taking the bus or just passing the time waiting for something.  Sigh.  Unless Blizzard tries to recover from this by announcing something sooner, like at Dreamhack in the next weeks or CES in January, it might not come till E3 in June 2019.

    One good thing that came out of Blizzcon was during the opening they announce that DESTINY 2 is free now if you have a Battlenet account.  So I have been trying it out and it's kind of cool.  Free is always cool.


    Battlefield 5 is already in early access with full release on Nov 20th.  You can see people STREAMING it now.  I will be picking it up myself, but not sure when.  Might be an early Christmas president if I can make it possible.  From what I have been seeing this game looks very entertaining.  The ability to even revive a squad member without a medic is huge, but of course a medic does it a lot faster.  I also enjoyed seeing people put up fortifications to defend a point, another great added addition.

    To all our WMD members I say let's try and give this game a shot.  Would be cool to be shooting up the town with all you again.


    I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season.  There are a couple of great movies coming out and I know we all love playing games but spend a few days with your family as well.

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